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Eleven Madison Park: The Next-Chapter


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I got my copy of Eleven Madison Park: The Next-Chapter earlier this year and have enjoyed reading through it several times. 

As a result, I have been considering getting the version published in 2011 for Christmas, however, I am not sure if it is a duplicate of the recipe book included with the next chapter set. 

So I am wondering if somebody has access to both if they would be able to advise me whether the recipes are duplicated between the two books.

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HI everyone, I got own both the original and the next chapter version but I am looking for a less boozy version of the lavender duck recipes with peaches , due to some of the food restrictions I am dealing with.
By any miracle, does anyone own the Eleven Madison Park cook next chapter, limited release? I am looking for the "Duck honey glazed with apricot and fennel" recipe that would be on page 108 (??)
this one:

If you are able to share it with me, along with the puree/etc.. component that would be really great. Thanks!

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