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  1. where subsequently corrected in the later ones and while I am sure some have probably been missed I can at least say in my checks the errors contained in the errata for modernist cuisine had been corrected before my copy was printed which print run these corrections where made I couldn't hazard a guess so depending on where and when someone's copy was printed there millage may vary. As for Alinea I did find an online errata for it which I have printed and slipped in the front of my copy but there are a lot fewer errors is than so referencing it would cause little to no issue
  2. It's nice to know that they are open to people pointing out errors. As for errors in Modernist bread I cannot comment as I'm still saving up so haven't ordered mine yet. So I'm hoping when I get mine it'll be like modernist bread and the errata will have already been released and subsequent books corrected
  3. That is true they also went to the hassle to get character recognition working so they are searchable.
  4. Hard but not impossible it was done with modernist cuisine and at home and with a little bit of google searching the torrents for either are not exactly hard to find
  5. I have to disagree with you on the hard to access aspect of the errata as one only has to type "modernist cuisine errata" into google and the top result is there errata page. They also offer a pdf version to allow it to be easily printed. As for fixing the issue for existing customers, you could look at the fact that they have offered an errata. Others have not, for example, the Alinea cookbook while has admittedly fewer errors as far as I am aware no official errata was released. I can also comment that they did actually act on the errors found I held off buying my copy for a while so I could save up for it resulting in my copy being one of the sixth printings and going through it tonight with the errata in the first 3 books at the very least the issues they had found had been corrected. This ultimately why I cancelled my preorder for modernist bread as I'm willing to wait for any errors found to be corrected. There is a reason why it is often said to avoid the first of something.
  6. It certainly looks an interesting and while I still haven''t got through my copy of modernist cuisine I think I may have to start saving up for this one and atleast that'll give me some time to figure out where I'm going to put it
  7. I got my copy of Eleven Madison Park: The Next-Chapter earlier this year and have enjoyed reading through it several times. As a result, I have been considering getting the version published in 2011 for Christmas, however, I am not sure if it is a duplicate of the recipe book included with the next chapter set. So I am wondering if somebody has access to both if they would be able to advise me whether the recipes are duplicated between the two books.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm a UK based life long food lover and more recently attempted food blogger, with a love for experimentation and cookbooks