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  1. Per Se Lounge

    Are they still offering the option to dine a la carte in the lounge? I haven't seen any recent postings about it. I will be in NYC in a couple of weeks and I would love to go. Is it correct that they do no take reservations for the lounge?
  2. Full episodes here: http://m.video.pbs.org/program/mind-chef/
  3. Dinner! 2012

    Inspired by my shameless love of Pei Wei's Caramel Chicken
  4. Drinks! (2012, part 2)

    I did a kaffir lime margarita. House made kaffir lime syrup, lime juice, and silver tequila. I also had a few lime leafs in the shaker. I think I overdid it with the line leaf. It really takes over. This was inspired by a cocktail I saw on seriouseats at Le Bernardin.
  5. "The PDT Cocktail Book"

    I'm enjoying a Little Bit Country tonight. Bourbon, lemon juice, maple syrup, maraschino, jalapeno, and bitters. The maple syrup / jalapeno combo is great. I'm halfway though and its leaving me with a very nice burn...
  6. The primary bind sounds like the problem. I don't have a stand mixer and mixed by hand. Would hand mixer work for the primary bind?
  7. I have no idea how to cook with smoke

    What about chips vs chunks? I used chunks (not soaked) and smoked the sausages for about an hour. I plan on smoking a brisket for pastrami a few hours in a couple of weeks. Right now its about 40 - 50 F outside. Should I wait for the smoker to come all the way up to temp before I add my food? It took about 45 minutes today to reach 140 F. It would have taken at least another 30 to reach 200 F, maybe longer.
  8. I took the dive into charcuterie today. This is the venison sausage from the book. Venison, Pork, and Seasoning by jnash85, on Flickr Links! by jnash85, on Flickr Smokin by jnash85, on Flickr Partially Smoked Sausages by jnash85, on Flickr Venison Sausage by jnash85, on Flickr I smoked the sausages for about an hour. As you can see from the final pic there were some air pockets inside the sausage. Will this be a problem for the rest that I froze? Also, I felt the texture was a little grainy. Is this normal? I did my best to keep everything cold during the production of the sausage.
  9. I have no idea how to cook with smoke

    I would say all the smoke I saw was gray / white. Is there anything I can do to fix that?
  10. I have no idea how to cook with smoke

    I just built a smoker out of terracotta planters. I smoked some chicken wings for the first time today. Overall it was a success, but I have a few questions. BTW, my smoker consist of a hot plate in the bottom of an 18" terracotta planter, a pan on the hot plate, and wood chips in the pan, A grate sits on the top and an inverted terracotta bowl sits on top. The hot plate is controlled with my PID controller that I use for sous vide. Now: For the first time out I used wood chips. The started smoking quickly, but after about 30 to 40 minutes they were black. Still smoking though. So I added a handful of soaked chips and that reduced the smoke and took it much longer to climb up to temp. It was a cold day, around 0 C, and it took around an hour and a half to reach 85 C. Would I have better results with wood chunks? Should I soak or not soak? After I was finished smoking, the ambient temp was around 85 C. I took the lid off and removed the chicken. When I came back outside the chips had caught fire. I'm sure this is due to the fact that I removed the lid and let the chips get more oxygen. Is this ok? They never caught fire during smoking. Only once I removed the lid, Is this a common thing? I'm making venison sausage tomorrow and I plan to let them spend a couple of hours on the smoker.
  11. mm84321, I take it you do this for a living?
  12. I love the idea, and the price is right, but I hate the form factor they chose. I seem to remember an interview were they said they made this ebook specifically for the iPad. Why then are the pages square? It makes reading it much more difficult. Still, its cool that they are doing this for each menu. The Paris book only has 1 video, but the Thailand book is supposed to have 10.
  13. Dinner! 2011

    From the Eleven Madison Park Cookbook. Sous Vide Chicken with Parsnips, Butternut Squash, and Cabbage.
  14. I made the Guinea Fowl recipe on page 285 with some heavy modifications today. For starters I used chicken instead of guinea fowl. I also left out the truffles since I was out, or rather, was not going to spend over $50 on them... I made the parsnip and butternut squash puree's yesterday. They held well in the fridge. I did the sauce, sous vide chicken, and cabbage today. Even with a simple recipe as this one there was a lot of work and a lot of dishes to do. It was very good though. I look forward to making some more recipes in the book as I have time.
  15. Dinner! 2011

    That looks great. Could you go into detail how you made the dish?