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Cooking without gas or power etc.

Jon Savage

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I'm uncertain whether this has been covered or not; I don't think so as far as I can tell, - with the recent spurt of hurricanes as a reminder I think this is a topic worth exploring. Obviously, the solutions I propose, fit our needs but as always YMMV & I'm actually quite interested in what other folks do.


We live in Southern California so hurricanes are hardly a real concern but earthquakes are very much on our minds. an example in point - We had neither power nor gas, phone for that matter,  for a full week after the Northridge earthquake. We did just fine since I raided all the camping stuff from my truck & what we currently do has evolved from that experience.


We keep a fair bit of shelf stable food on hand both in our house & vehicles, what follows are examples that work for us.


In each truck:

5 Gallons water; the 2.5 gallon things from the supermarket work fine. These do have a shelf life so rotate.

5 days of food for 2 people - a combination of freeze dried stuff & also shelf stable supermarket thinks like Knnorr soups, dehydrated hash browns.


My connection's gone unstable; I'll have to finish this tomorrow. (sorry).

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A few years ago Time or Newsweek published a list of the counties in the US most subject to natural disasters.  Ocean County, nearby to here was first, a county in Southern California was second.  Another New Jersey county was third.


How does one cook without WiFi?


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