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  1. Never been personally but Matsuri in Miami is said to one of the few authentic Japanese restaurants in South Florida. Matsuri 5759 Bird Rd Miami, FL 33155 (305) 663-1615 The only other interesting Japanese choice that comes to mind is Yakko San in North Miami. http://yakko-san.com/
  2. Thanks for your response. I depart to Israel on 7/10 and would be happy to wait for your updated guide to be published. I'm not necessary looking for upscale french-influenced or italian food; I get my share of that in the US. The following are examples of what I'd like to enjoy during my trip: -A great "shipudim" restaurant experience -An Eastern European Yiddish-style restaurant where I can have dishes like Pitcha (jellied calves feet) -Fresh mediterranean seafood like red mullets a/ka/ "barbunia" -Shawarma -Falafel -Espresso -European style artisan bread Thanks in advance, Rich
  3. Shalom to Boaz and other posters on this thread! I'm returning to Israel for a visit. It's been 5 years since my last trip. I was hoping you could provide me with details on any new, must eat establishments that have popped up in the last few years. I'll be spending most of my time is Tel-Aviv (staying in Ramat Hasharon), but will be passing thru Jerusalem, the Dead Sea area and maybe Haifa. Thanks in advance, Rich
  4. Hi All, I'll be trekking back up to New City in a few weeks and thought it wouldn't hurt to check in for some badly needed suggestions on where to dine in the area. While I'll be staying in New City, I'm willing to drive up to 45 minutes each way for something special. I'd like to take my wife to have one of those deep fried New Jersey "ripper" hot dogs I'm also interested in ethnic treats including: Korean fried chicken Dim sum Authentic Chinese (China 46) I've heard that Mitsuwa is pretty cool - is it worth the drive? Last time I didn't make it to Video Guadalajara but hope to this time. Thanks in advance for any feedback you can share with me. I'm a total tourist up there and don't now where to begin. -rich
  5. If you could provide a little more information about the location I might be more helpful. Chima is a Brazilian rodizio place on Las Olas with a large Vegas-style buffet. Is that it?
  6. India House is good and I agree that the value is outstanding. You should check out Udipi Cafe off of University Drive and Sunrise Blvd. For South FL it's a unique Indian place. It's all vegetarian and South Indian cuisine. They have a great selection on the lunch buffet. I am not much of a buffet diner but find Indian buffets to be the exception. http://www.southflorida.com/dining/105595,0,134879.venue
  7. In the past the types of things you would see at Robert is Here (ROH) are now available at Publix, the dominant supermarket chain in FL. For example, I have recently seen both dragonfruit and rambutan sold at Publix on several occasions. ROH is more likely to have lychees, longans, loquats, and kumquats, etc. In the past fresh whole tamarind pods weren't so common but now every Asian market sells perfectly intact pods for under 5 bucks a box. I've yet to see Meyer lemons sold in South FL.
  8. Robert is here fruit stand is not much more than an open air farmers market in the middle of Homestead farmland. They often have an abundance of interesting tropical produce. They sell fresh fruit shakes, and maybe boiled peanuts and fudge too. I wouldn't go out of my way to visit it but if you will be in the area it's stopping in. I have never been there so I cannot endorse it personally but I know from other sources that El Toro Taco is a Homestead favorite. We don't have an abundance of authentic Mexican food in South Florida, but this place has a big following. Also, the name escapes me but if you are fond of bananas there is small banana farm in Homestead that grows like 50+ plus varieties of unique bananas. I think they offer tours to the public by appointment only. Enjoy.
  9. Hi, I recently posted this in the Southeast forum hoping to get some feedback from Nashville residents. I found this thread and thought posting it here would give me a better chance of reaching you all. Appreciate the help. TIA, Rich ------ am curious about Nashville as a place to relocate to. I'm doing my "relocation research" elsewhere, but there's nowhere better than eG to get the scoop on the food scene. I live in South Florida now which certainly isn't a gastronomic mecca but I am able to find plenty of ethnic variety, which is much more important to me than upscale dining. So if any kind Nashville folks are willing to share some information I'd be grateful. I plan to visit in early '07. I'm curious to know what, if any of the cuisines and food items on the list below are available in Nashville or the surrounding area: Authentic Chinese Vietnamese Korean Middle Eastern/Israeli (especially felafel and shawarma) Jewish Deli Indian Greek Ethnic markets (Asian, Indian, Jewish/Kosher, Middle-Eastern, Italian) Dim sum TIA, Rich
  10. richw


    Gino's has some good stuff but I suggest you give the sausage at Doris a try. The one with cheese & parsley is particularly good. And right across from Gino's is Mimi's Ravioli, another Italian market with lots of fresh pasta and other good stuff. And right down the street is Que perros, a unique Colombian hot dog shop.
  11. It's Mama Mia. IMO the place is not much more than a descent neighborhood Italian restaurant. They have a good sized menu and years ago I also had a very large stuffed lobster there which was tasty and a good value. They do a big business here during the Winter tourist months. It's an okay place but I don't think it is what you are looking for. and BTW, the Mexican place is called Cancun I think...never eaten there. For a small, grubby seafood shack check out Tarks. Their steamer clams arrive bubbling and the chicken wings are very good. I have yet to find a place down here that sells fresh florida shrimp. We live in a world of farm raised. Tarks http://members.aol.com/__121b_HTjl9XXQT5p0...gZx5d14vHAVhdo= http://www.southflorida.com/dining/25541,0...ws.venue?page=1
  12. Padrino's is right down the street from the Diplomat and serves textbook Cuban fare. Personally I don't find Cuban food to be very interesting but if that's what you're looking for its right up the road. They'll serve you a traditional bistec palomilla toppped with raw onions, some white rice with black beans, and some platanos maduros on the side. They have a complete menu. I have taken tourists there before who were in search of Cuban food. Here are some diner reviews: http://www.southflorida.com/dining/22392,0...ws.venue?page=1 If you have access to a car and are willing to drive a bit, La Carreta may offer a more interesting and cultural experience. They also have a larger menu. http://www.southflorida.com/dining/17607,0,4730427.venue enjoy. Rich
  13. I totally agree with your statement.
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