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  1. robie

    Dinner 2018

    mm84321, is that restaurant food or home-made? We had the best borscht ever in Krakow. I've been trying to recreate it but no joy. It looked just like that though.
  2. robie

    Dinner 2018

    Bon Vivant, is that a verson of Koenigsberger Klopse? The meatballs look bigger than I'm used to.
  3. By "egg-only method" I mean the standard preparations of eggs (scrambled hard, soft, medium, poached, over-easy, sunny side up, shirred, etc.). I do not mean egg-containing dishes like frittata, tortilla, quiche, souffle etc. My favorite is over-easy soft. My least favorite is scrambled hard/dry.
  4. robie

    Pulled / Shredded Beef

    Isn't this just a variation of pot roast?
  5. I ran across this story in the BBC. It's impossible for me to believe that Adria and Robuchon are wrong but her paella sounds a little bit too simple and one note for my taste. Has anyone ever had Josefa Navarro's paella? http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20160510-the-humblest-paella-beloved-by-chefs
  6. robie

    Breakfast! 2016 (Part 1)

    RRO, I guess I could figger this out via Google but your post made me wonder. Is the Australian cold and flu season May through October or something "upside-down" to what we experience in the Northern Hemisphere?
  7. Thanks all. It looks like I have many options. I'm thinking about throwing some toasted pistachios on there too.
  8. Thanks all. I remove the beet chunks after 48 hours. Everything looks fine. I will give everything a test prior to exposing others.
  9. I make a cocktail called a Bolshevik. It has 3 components. 1. Beet vodka (soak peeled raw beets in vodka x 48 hours, drain, store in refrigerator) 2. Basil simple syrup (cook a lot of basil in water, remove, add an equal amount of sugar, boil x 5 minutes, store in fridge) 3. Lemon juice (done fresh). I have some beet vodka and basil simple syrup left over from about 2 months ago. It has been continuously refrigerated and I was careful with cleanliness when making them. Do you think they're still safe to consume?
  10. I might look for some bakeries in the Atlanta area but I'm planning to make a cream cheese ice cream with rhubarb compote later this month (assuming rhubarb ever arrives). I need some kind of textural contrast and our oven is acting sketchy now and I don't trust it. What is your favorite store bought, fairly plain cookie?
  11. The SE recipe was a success. It was a little bit greasy but I have only myself to blame because I got impatient waiting for the oil to get to 375. It is very crisp and the flavor is good. It's a keeper for me.
  12. robie

    Slightly smelly cod

    Hi btbyrd. I portioned and froze the fish the day of purchase (the day it smelled). The bottom line is that it defrosted in the fridge. I did the lemon/water soak and scrub and it still smells. Trash. I bought some chicken tenderloins at Kroger and am defrosting some Trader Joes sole. The chicken is fine. I will make sure the sole is OK, then fry away. Thanks all!
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