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Vegas restaurant recommendations: on & off strip?

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Heading to Vegas soon for the eGullet chocolate & confections workshop! We already have reservations for a group dinner at Lotus of Siam. Any other places we should check out?


I'm interested in quick & tasty breakfast spots... perhaps there are some local places with good breakfast burritos?


Also hoping for lunch and dinner recommendations. Most of these of the more casual type but a few of us are staying a day or two extra and could go for more extravagant meals.


Any good mixologist bars or tiki bars?


We probably have the desserts covered but if there is anything new and innovative, please tell us about it.


This will all be documented, with tons, of photos in the workshop report. (here is a link to our report from the 2014 event - also in Vegas)

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added links to current workshop & 2014 report (log)
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21 minutes ago, HungryChris said:

If you are there on a Sunday, the Wynn Country Club jazz brunch is a great all around experience. Great views, Great food and great jazz,


Sounds lovely but the workshop starts at 8:30am Saturday & Sunday.

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Eat is wonderful for breakfast and lunch. It is up town. Kerry, Bob and I ate there last time. Very, very good.


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Ruth Kendrick

Artisan Chocolates and Toffees

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