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I'm a newbie... low cholesterol ideas?


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Hi there


Many thanks for allowing me to join your esteemed group. Although Grouch Marx comes to mind.


I am a keen foodie and (very) amateur cook with a limited reperoire which in recent times has been even more restricted by a cholesterol problem. Any really good food ideas without using butter will be most welcome.


I don't eat a great deal of meat but when I do it's usually chicken and sometimes lamb. For the reasons stated above if anyone can tell me of a way to mak e a great jus for lamb without using butter please let me know.


My wife, Jackie, is a great jam and marmalade maker and I have been trying to find her a marmalade cutter and that's what brought me to this group initially. But it seems that the only ones you can get are about 100 years old (surely a commercial opportunity for someone?).


Good, simple veggie recipes and low-cholesterol food ideas most welcome.


Looking forward to the discussions.


Best wishes,




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Welcome to Egullet, Jerry-oh.


My husband has had a stroke and then had a heart attach, which resulted in a stent placement, so I have to pay a whole lot of attention to cholesterol and salt in his diet.


I try to limit eggs, including hidden eggs in baked goods.


Keeping fiber up is good idea. There's some evidence that it helps bring down blood cholesterol. Oatmeal, beans, apples, greens, and other high fiber stuff make frequent appearances in our meals.


If you roast your lamb, just deglaze your pan with a little water. That makes the best jus to me.


Organic, free range chicken is lower fat, cholesterol and tastier. Unfortunately, it's also pricier.


Also recently there's some research that supports that fats are not the true enemy to heart/circulatory health, but that it may be sugars especially, and carbs in general. I dunno, they change so often it's hard to trust, but I thought it was worth some research, and I know for a fact that a lot of people (including my husband and me) can lose weight more painlessly by limiting sugars and carbs.

> ^ . . ^ <



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I found something similar to what Crepes mentions...I had slightly elevated trigylcerides and cholesterol (my diet is generally low fat, primarily vegetarian, but I used to eat a lot of simple carbs) and by focusing on adding fiber and watching the refined sugars/simple carbs I lowered my total cholesterol by 25 points.

"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast" - Oscar Wilde

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