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  1. Hi there Many thanks for allowing me to join your esteemed group. Although Grouch Marx comes to mind. I am a keen foodie and (very) amateur cook with a limited reperoire which in recent times has been even more restricted by a cholesterol problem. Any really good food ideas without using butter will be most welcome. I don't eat a great deal of meat but when I do it's usually chicken and sometimes lamb. For the reasons stated above if anyone can tell me of a way to mak e a great jus for lamb without using butter please let me know. My wife, Jackie, is a great jam and marmalade maker and I have been trying to find her a marmalade cutter and that's what brought me to this group initially. But it seems that the only ones you can get are about 100 years old (surely a commercial opportunity for someone?). Good, simple veggie recipes and low-cholesterol food ideas most welcome. Looking forward to the discussions. Best wishes, Jerry
  2. Hi all I too came in search of a marmalade cutter but only found the Victorian ones too. But I have to say I have been astonished by the unnecessary processes that you guys seem to go through to produce marmalade. For a start there is absolutely no need to remove skin and certainly not to scrape out the lovely pectin-loaded pith and all the sinews in the fruit - they will melt away miraculously through boiling and add that much-wanted flavour and enable the marmalade to set - add a lemon for additional pectin (DON'T remove the pith etc from that either!!). Secondly - slice the oranges after cutting into segments ...no need to separate the pith and sinews etc.. see above Finally - what on earth are you doing boiling it for 24 - 48 hours???? We never buy marmalade now as our is 'as good as from Harrods' or even better with marmalade boiled for only a few hours. This way you keep the whole fruit working for the best results and your peel, thick or thin, will be tender and gorgeously bitter. Have fun Jerry
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