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eG Forums Technology Update Oct. 14, 2013

Chris Hennes

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A few quick technology updates:

  1. The forums will be offline intermittently during the day on Tuesday, October 15, as our web host performs some database maintenance. They have given me pretty broad time windows when we may be out, so if you notice you can't access the forums, give it an hour or two and try back later.
  2. We've upgraded to the latest version of Tapatalk, so if you are viewing the eG Forums on a mobile device you may want to consider using that app (it's not free, and we receive no money from them if you buy it, but some of our members prefer it over the web version). Please let me know if you encounter any bugs when using it, they've apparently made significant changes under the hood.
  3. We have doubled the amount of image storage space available to members again, this time from 100MB to 200MB, greatly increasing the number of images you can attach to your posts here.
  4. If you didn't see the announcement earlier this week, topic titles can now be up to 150 characters long (up from the previous limit of 70).
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Chris Hennes
Director of Operations

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