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"India Cookbook"

Obese-Wan Kenobi

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I have it. In my opinion, it does not cover regional Indian cuisine as widely or as accurately as it seems to want to, but it is still a good book. I remember (I don't have the book with me right now) disagreeing strongly with some of the recipes and also being rather miffed about the absence of some rather well known dishes. Still, it is ludicrous to think of a book even coming close to "covering" all India's cuisines adequately, so if you look at it that way it's not a bad book. I don't use it as much as some of my more regionally specific books (or as much as the internet or friends) but since it contains a lot of recipes it would be a good book for someone who wants to get hold of a lot of recipes at once.

I'll note that practically it has several drawbacks. It may look gorgeous but to cook from it you have to pin back the pages with some kind of heavy object (another book perhaps). There are also numerous mistakes in the recipes where ingredients don't get added or don't appear in the list, or are used in a different quantity etc. This is something I have noticed with several other of Pushpesh Pant's books. I guess his editor is not very good.

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May I horn in to ask about this book please? India's 500 Best Recipes. Lots of great photos...I am a sucker for photos. I can't comment at all about the recipes. I've made a couple with no complaints.

I'm thinking about getting it.



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