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  1. Love Maangchi!! Another fav of mine is dHmongDudecAncOOk https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCApBqx27cNwxlAlalNT4NPw
  2. Braum's I presume? They DO have the best milk!
  3. OK, its Sunday so obviously I didn't buy this today, but does Tuesday count as close enough? There's a new Smirnoff in town and its tasty. Marshmallow vodka. They had a tasting, I really was just there for bourbon but got suckered in. I also bought some Knob Creek. The Smirnoff went into a chocolate "martini" cocktail thing that kept me from strangling folks while I smoked the turkeys. It was too early for strait bourbon.
  4. I'd buy it, that looks like a good description, and appeals to me. Can't have too many cookbooks, after all!
  5. Last year at the Texas State Fair, they had fried butter, fried coke, fried pizza, chicken fried bacon, just to name the more unusual.
  6. Whew! What a whirlwind week! I managed to get downtown 2 times. Last Sunday I ate at Tajitu, and found it quite tasty and good. I had the veggie combo and was happy with most of the selections. The spicy dishes could have had a bit more kick to them, but all in all, I'd recommend them. Monday night I grabbed a fast take out from Peking Gourmet. Bleh. Kung pao with so much super sweet sauce and more peanuts than a circus only a token green onion for veggies, but the shrimp and scallops were good after I wiped the sauce off. Super cloyingly sweet, in my opinion. I was tired and didn't feel like exploring. Tuesday I found the Mediterranean Grill and ordered the Lebanon plate, which was my choice of 6 mezze. I got some shrimp in tomato-garlic sauce, Tzaziki, hummus, falafel, dolmas and the olives/feta plate. Needless to say this was enough for one person for like 3 nights. So I found a liquor store and a couple bottles of wine, and enjoyed that for Tues-Thurs. Everything was really good, but the dolmas were mushy. The tzaziki was pretty stellar. The bread looked yummy and smelled good, I can't eat wheat anymore so I can't comment on its flavor. Tonight I found the Black Boar BBQ and had the Arkansas beef and the Carolina pork. Arkansas beef was too sweet for my liking but the pork was pretty well flavored. Decent 'cue but nothing to write home about. I bought some promising looking coffee-chocolate bars at Zoe's, I'll report on them after I've partaken, sometime next week. I also found the Baltimore coffee place this morning and was quite happy with my 6 shot latte, and will visit them again tomorrow. I have no idea if I'll be here for lunch or on the road, but thanks for all the suggestions! I had a good time here in Frederick.
  7. >swoon< Oh Mal! Shopping!!! Oil and vinegar (check) Truffles (check) Cheese (check) Knives (check) I'm so in. Thank you all for all of your suggestions and advice. I can now make the most of my time in lovely Frederick. I'll take pics!! Texas gal storms MD, news at 11~
  8. I will have a car. I most likely can't do lunch, but we will see. Any good coffee shops near 85 and 270?
  9. So, I'll be in Frederick MD for a whole week, and I need dining options other than Volt. They have no available reservations that week, I'm sad to say. So far I've gleaned the fourms for tidbits and want to try Tajitu, John Hagen's Tavern, and Isabella's. I hear downtown is wonderful so I'll try to spend as much time there as I can, perusing shops and noshing. So what's a Texas gal have to do in MD to catch some local flavor?
  10. I'll check and see when I get home what brand it is, and see if its actually "real" balsamic. I was wondering if adding that chunkiness, if it is in fact mother, to my own vinegar jar and if so would it improve on it. I might just throw it away and be sad. Its gelatinous but not fiberous. After reading that link, I bet is is "modena" and this could be the guar gum solidifying. EWEWEWEWEWWWWW
  11. I love this place. Its now my go-to asian market. Their sashimi grade fish is fanTABulous!! I love the variety of produce, and their kitchen area. I always find some spoon or bowl or saki set that I simply can't live without.
  12. So I have this balsamic vinegar that has gone gelatinous and chunky. Do I have a mother, or is there something insidious going on? Should I rejoice, or chunk it?
  13. nessa

    Fresh fava beans

    I found fresh fava beans at my local "farmer's market". I would like to make a middle eastern dish with them that I've had before, though I'm open to suggestions for other dishes. The one I'm thinking of had some kind of lemony sauce, maybe with tahini or yogurt. It was so good I wanted to lick the plate. I think it was made with dried fava beans.... can I use fresh in place? Is there some other prep that would make these little jewels shine? Here is what I think I know about prep: Boil for a few min until pods are easily opened, then cool. Peel each individual bean...... then they are ready? I'd love some advice!
  14. They were in the case, not a bag. I never thought to ask ut now I'm going to look that up and have a wee little word with the nice man behind the counter!
  15. I got them from Sprouts, a local farmers markety kinda grocery store, they are usually pretty organic. But I will ask them cause that was just plain nasty. I've always been pretty happy with their fish. If I recall correctly the last scallops I bought from them were previously frozen.....
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