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stone crabs


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You can either go dine somewhere and get stone crabs, OR you can go buy them from Penn Dutch or Delaware Chicken (both in Hollywood) and take them home and eat them there.

You can also either make your own honey mustard, or buy it.

I prefer melted butter since I don't eat sugar.


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For a restaurant, I go to Catfish Deweys on Andrews in Fort Lauderdale, for Stone Crabs.

For home? I buy them from a guy who sells them out of the back of his truck. $10/lb. Sorry, that info is secret.

I let Jsmeeker tell me where to eat in Vegas.

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Joe's is certainly a local (and beyond) legend for their stone crabs, and you can either eat them at the restaurant or get them from the take-away spot next door. There are certainly other places to get them either at restaurants or for take-out. I've had from Delaware Chicken in Hollywood before and theirs are good. Norman Brothers in South Miami also gets good ones.

Incidentally, as for sauce, melted buter or mustard sauce are typical, but honey mustard is not customary at all, and is also not what Joe's serves. If you're interested in the Joe's mustard sauce recipe, you can find it here (no honey or sugar at all).

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interested to find out opinions on Fz stone crab vs fresh cooked / chilled


i think it might vary w how the SC are cooked, as they and any shellfish can be easy to over cook


as an Example , Tj's has a fz cooked shrimp that are superb , cooked just right and no graininess when thawed


another supermarket chain has them of coarse , but the cooked ones end up grainy and rubbery


i think that brand over cooks them


Id hate to waste really good money on a mail older SC that was not properly cooked first, then Fz

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