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  1. Today in morning I ejoyed N.Tukvar Darjeeling First Flush 2017 from an order from Upton tea. I am expecting 2 other refill orders from Vahdam Tea and Tea box
  2. I have been drinking 2017 First Flush Darjeelings from vahdamtea and teabox. I have found both to have good customer service and products. Delivery is by FedEx and takes about a week to arrive
  3. Lemon verbena also makes a good iced tea
  4. this is an old site but it is filled with good things http://pages.ripco.net/~c4ha2na9/tea/faq.html
  5. I use a whistle glass tea kettle for water- it is easier to feel the bubbles on the handle or see the bubbles and a timer for tea preparation
  6. yes, i always use a timer mine is an old lux i am sure it is every bit of 20 years old
  7. I received as gift 2 1/2lb bags of pu-ehr tea(in pursuit of tea). Tea has not been opened. Pls. send me a p.m. if ur interested. Unfortunately, i don't like pu-ehr. I would like to give someone the teas who would appreciate it.
  8. I am visiting family in NJ from Florida for the holidays- no cooking for me this Pesach- the pics of the gefilte fish look delicious Happy Pesach!
  9. I think it is also proper to eat sushi holding with your fingers
  10. I saw this much written about documentary- It was enjoyable and a credit to Jiro, his 2 sons,restaurant workers, and purveyors of fish.
  11. I found this on www.netserf.org this morning- http://www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php/archives/03/2012/new-cookbook-from-stone-age-to-vikings
  12. I am visiting North Jersey from South Florida for the Holidays. I viewed this show for the first time today on veria living- first show was on green tea and second on white- also included in each episode emonstration, history and recipes
  13. I am drinking second flush darjeeling -- goomtee- several weeks ago i purchased a few of sample size teas from www.uptontea.com I still prefer drinking -oolong esp. baozhong
  14. I received 4 samples from www.sensationaltea.com yesterday morning zen flower oolong, tung ting oolong, green jade oolong, ti kwan yin i tried the formosa green jade oolong this afternoon after shopping at farmers market- nice aroma,not bitter
  15. i have been enjoying my most recent order of second flush darjeelings from www.uptontea.com my favorites so far have been: darjeeling diamond-arya estate darjeeling ftggfop1-goomtt estate
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