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  1. You can either go dine somewhere and get stone crabs, OR you can go buy them from Penn Dutch or Delaware Chicken (both in Hollywood) and take them home and eat them there. You can also either make your own honey mustard, or buy it. I prefer melted butter since I don't eat sugar. HTH.
  2. I am meeting a friend from Australia for lunch. We are looking for a restaurant on the ocean with a view, that serves decent meat dishes. We're not interested in sandwiches, salads or fried foods. We're interested in a good meat dish or seafood that hasn't been breaded and fried. Somewhere between Vero Beach and Stuart/Ft. Pierce. I've eaten at Waldo's in Vero and the menu sucks... It's all fried food. I've eaten at Ocean Grill, but they don't serve lunch.. I've eaten at the Original Tiki Bar in Ft. Pierce, but can't remember if they have decent meat dishes. Does anyone have any good suggest
  3. I feed a teenage son and myself and keep records of my expenses. I am a Carnivore, and I buy some fruits (in season) for my son. Our monthly grocery bills is $400/mo and that includes no alcohol, no pet products, no cigarettes. That is beef, paper products, some fruit, some dairy. We don't eat out for obvious reasons... and we never order take out. That is bare bones pure unadulterated food. No box products, no frozen products, no canned products.
  4. Since becoming a Carnivore, my grocery bill for my teenage son and myself is about $410.00 per month. That includes paper products and pet products. We eat two large meals per day.
  5. I'm a Greek. I grew up on this dish, but we didn't use tahini. We used OO&V and lemon. And TONSSS of roasted garlic. Eggplant was always done on the grill, when the lamb was going. Salt/pepper/ and a dash of cinnamon (Greeks love their cinnamon;)). It was always superb, and always a staple on our table. Thanks for bringing this subject up... I've since taught both my kids to keep eggplant on their table, as well.
  6. If anyone is interested in the eggplant cheesecake recipe, I got a copy of it, scanned it, and have it on file for anyone interested in me emailing it to them. Just PM me. Shirley
  7. I'm a collector of mustards. I use mustard in nearly everything. Even tuna melts! There is nothing so fantastic to taste a little zip in a sauce, in mayo, in a salad dressing, on a hot dog.... such a wonderful condiment.
  8. I love my garlic press. It's one piece, and never fails me. My partner is dying to get one of those bullets seen on infomercials. it chops and blends and makes margarita's without getting drunk. Ohhhh and my boat motor.. I love the bejesus outta that thing. It mashes my cauliflower in seconds.. Yessireee!
  9. What a surprise to see this thread. I made a tuna melt last night for the kid and I. I used sour cream, and cream cheese, and cooked bacon. baked it up real hot and bubbly and then served it on toasted rye for me, and toasted english for him. I told him, "we used to eat this in our school cafeteria when I your age." Kids love this stuff. (so do adults) LOL!
  10. My new fave rave is Le Bon-723 Lincoln Rd. Great Belgian beer selection, and 1KG Mussels/Frites (enough for two) is $14. Great service, too. Sit outside-great for drinking, eating, people-watching, and not too expensive. ←
  11. In a short reply, yes, Boca is a wasteland for lousey food. Drive south to Ft. Lauderdale, and Hollywood and you will have better luck. I just posted a review on a little seafood joint where we ate last night, in Ft.Lauderdale. Check out my review. Shucks in Ft. Lauderdale. Nothing fancy, just great Florida food, and it won't kill your wallet.
  12. Hello, I have just returned from St. Thomas, and I am going to share our finds: 1) First dinner was at Craig & Sally's. This is by far one of the finest restaurants on the island. After eating in a few really nice restaurants, I have to say that the price is right up there with the rest of the places on the island. We started with the eggplant cheesecake. Now... I wasn't excited about it, thinking, a cheese cake with eggplant? But, after my partner and I shared 1 appetizer, we were making noises. It was the best, lightest, fantastic innovative dish we've ever had. We even asked for the rec
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