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The Michelin way off the mark?


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Just got a newsletter from Via Michelin, a website put together by the same guys that publish the prestigious Michelin guides. There's a long story on the Plateau, poorly written and stating facts that were unknown to me. Apparently, 30% of the Plateau population is from France. (??) Really?

Also, the writer recommends 4 places I've never heard of. Misto,

"set in a hip, well-designed decor". There's also L’Avenue du Plateau.

And he let us know that "although the American-style

bar genre can now be found all over the planet, here,

naturally, it feels more authentic."

Yes, naturally!

He loves the cupcakes at Petits Gâteaux and the beers at

Chez Baptiste, where "Hippie-types and students abound."

Uhhhh.... ok! Can't wait to try it out!

Interested? The full story is here

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