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  1. I can't believe that googling stimulis turns up over 66 million hits. It's spelled stimulus.
  2. Those are all terrible recommendations. I don't know who this guy is but that article was totally phoned in.
  3. Banh Xeo Minh, 1308 Bélanger near Chambord. It's just a hole in the wall but the food is good and the people are quite nice. Anyone have an opinion on Souvenirs D'Indochine on Mont-Royal near Jeanne-Mance? It's been there forever and it's the only upscale Vietnamese place left in town AFAIK. I never hear much about that place, good or bad.
  4. I found some today at Vieille Europe. Rügen Fisch brand. 3.89$ for 250g.
  5. Are these Raza classes hands-on or is it just a dog and pony show?
  6. You'll probably have to order them special from one of the Chinese pastry shop in town. I recommend Chow's on La Gauchetière East in Chinatown. 514-904-0650 Although I don't see how you plan to get the pork inside the bun once they've been cooked. Best of luck, anyway.
  7. So that's Mr M's French restaurant project? I wonder what it looks like. I'll give 5000$ to anyone who'll bring me a picture of it.
  8. They are moving to a new location.
  9. I bought one at Ares, last saturday. It's a Danescook and it's alright, i guess. It handles up to 5kg and switches from imperial to metric with a single button on the front. It doesn't look too bad either. The only reason I bought it was because it was 4:45pm and I had to buy it that day. Otherwise, I would have shopped around. Anyway, I don't recommend Ares. Their prices seem a bit steep and even quite arbitrary at times. On top of that, half the demo scales they had out either had no batteries in them or didn't work properly. That sort of defeats the purpose of having demos on the shelves.
  10. God bless Mose Persico. He's such a tool.
  11. Persian cookies at Nocochi. They are tiny little treasures of deliciousness. Skip the lunch menu though. It's pretty mediocre. Nocochi Pâtisserie Café Inc 2156 MACKAY, MONTRÉAL, QC H3G 2J1 (514) 989-7514
  12. Chu Chai is not upscale, though. It's delicious, but it's more of a mid-range restaurant.
  13. You can do veg at Chez L'Epicier, although you only get one veggie main. It upscale and it's in Old Montreal. http://www.chezlepicier.com/
  14. I suggest you cal them. They would know more than us what their booking situation is. 514.281.1114
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