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Anything Good to Eat in/near Highland Beach?


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Hello All,

I will be visiting family in Highland Beach for a week starting the 15th and was wondering if there were any good spots to eat and places to avoid. Just an FYI, I prefer smaller, homey family-run type joints to the chains and majors. And well-done ethnic and immigrant food rocks, BTW!

Best of all, I eat everything and am very adventurous (I travel a lot for work so I have to be).

Thanks in advance,

Cheers! :cool:

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there is v good indian at PUNJAB on federal hwy in boca raton...dont be put off by the fact it is in front of a motel painted hot pink...renzo on federal hwy also has terrific seafood salad and great veal,(they also have a pizz rest across the street0 fah for asian (bento lunch 10.00) also on federal hwy is a great bargain..i have lived here v long but you are looking for something special i can scout it out for you

i am trying a new thai place in manalapan tonight..i'll let you know how it goes


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