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  1. I've always thought that if it was vacuum-wrapped and clearly for personal consumption (ie not 50 lbs of stuff, though I could easily eat 50 lbs of 36 month-old Comte), there would be no problems. I've brought back vacuum'd cheeses, saucissons, Jamon Iberico, etc... Thanks for the links, BTW.
  2. Thanks everyone! I had the butcher vacuum-seal it and brought it into the US without issue. I am trying to make it last as long as I can without either eating it (that's the tough one!) or spoiling it. I was hoping to have some left by Christmas time, but with my apetite that's not looking likely. Heck, I'm opening one tonight... More importantly, how come it's not imported into the US? I mean, I can get ALL sorts of Italian sausage, which is fine, but I really really like French saucisson sec. I've had the one D'Artagnan makes in the US and it's fine, but none have that texture or taste that you get some a good saucisson.
  3. OK, this might seem weird, but living in the US, even in NYC, I can NOT get any real French saucisson sec. So when I go to France, I grab as much as I can, have it vacuum-packed, and bring it back. My question therefore is, how should I store it if I want it to last a few weeks (assuming I can keep my hungry little hands off of it)? Right now, I have two that are still vacuum-wrapped from my return last week. Any hints? Merci!
  4. Whoa! Thank you Parigi, unfortunately I am back in the US. However, I did visit some of the stores you mention and was pleasantly surprised.
  5. I too like PDH, especially the one uptown (downtown one was good but service is downright rude, and I am NOT demanding, ask DutchMuse, I've eaten with him). You do need to ask for the carcass, which is delicious. HOWEVER, I have NOT done many taste tests, so YMMV.
  6. OK, Rue des Martyrs had some interesting stuff, but the covered markets at St Quentin and Chateau d'Eau were so-so, especially during the week. Anyway, I spent most of my time at business dinners, so I really didn't get to cook much. I found some gorgeous chanterelles at Chateau D'Eau and gave them to a friend, who cooked them the night after I returned to the US and said they were fantastic. What a tease.
  7. We had a beautiful-looking but rather bland steak the other night at l'Amuse Vin in the 11th. It should have been succulent and delicious, but while it was good, it wasn't great. It sure did look awesome though. I am coming to terms with the fact that I should not eat meat while in Europe, as I am spoiled in the US.
  8. Merci! I am off to explore now, I arrived this morning.
  9. Well, I usually stay over by Places Blance/Clicy, so this is a new part of town for me and I wanted to get some idea of what was available in the area. I'll still go to the open markets, but was hoping there were some interesting stores near the place I was staying at. That said, Turkish Halal butchers could be good too. I am Franco-Lebanese, so similar ingredients.
  10. Great episode, it was nice to see them go almost all out. And I agree, even though Eli really really shone in the last few weeks, it was his time to go. Nice to see Jennifer wake up and come back to the game. And I love how humble Kevin seems and how delicious his food looks.
  11. Rien? I can't believe there's nothing good around there!
  12. As someone who eats both American and French beef (of various races), I can attest that US meat is more tender, while the French is more flavorful. The fat is different as well. Of course, these are generalities, with exceptions existing on both sides of the Pond. However, there's been a recent upsurge in getting organic, grass-fed beef in the US that is starting to resemble European beef in flavor. And, we're seeing much more dry-ageing in the US (at least in NYC and other large markets), something I really appreciate (I love that nuttiness). I can't recall ever seeing dry-aged beef in France. I would love to try it, however. I will be in Paris in late November so I might try to find a good butcher. Cheers!
  13. Hello all, I will be in Paris at the end of November for a week and am renting a place near Metro Poissoniere (9th). I was curious if there were any good markets, bakeries, or food stores in the vicinity. Merci! Cheers!
  14. Yay, Robin went home! She'd been hanging on by the skin of her teeth, frankly. I think Mike got tossed due to his arrogance as much as to his dish, and this saved Robin last time. This time, her lousy pana cotta did her in. Jennifer really needs to wake up, she was doing so well at first and now she's doubting herself and has become her own worst enemy. What a shame.
  15. Thanks everyone! I am forwarding these recommendations to my friend.
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