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  1. I was thinking of just putting some gorilla glue on the end of the popsicle stick the next time it comes out.
  2. What are you guys using for the piece you put in the mold to create the effect? I used the popsicle stick in the molding compound and the stick comes out.
  3. tikidoc

    Melanger experimentation

    Maybe the problem is too small of a volume? When there is not a lot of stuff in there, it tends to get caught up on the center part and wheels.
  4. Think I could get a reservation at the Red Hen??? oh , never mind, that’s Lexington...
  5. I had a friend and her daughter over to learn some basic chocolate making today. I was worried that Florence’s humidity would hinder tempering, but between the dehumidifier in the basement and the EasyTemper, we did ok. I played with the dendritic stuff a few days ago and finished them up as well. I was pretty happy with the results! The dendritic ones were molded in a chocolate I made in the melanger, the first time I have used it to make shells, and they came out well! Nothing fancy for fillings (PB/chocolate) we were concentrating on learning about tempering and shelling.
  6. I like gfweb’s idea. When the weather is dreary and cold, a nice summery truffle would make a good pick me up. A taste of the tropics when it’s cold and snowy. If you like how that truffle turned out, embrace the summer.
  7. What do you mean by “overtempered”?
  8. tikidoc

    Melanger experimentation

    Thanks, Kerry!
  9. tikidoc

    Melanger experimentation

    I received the replacement bowl, and I think it is fine. Supposedly it is a different bowl, but it appears that the plastic at the top of the stalk in the middle of the bowl where the wheel assembly sits has been shaved down, allowing the wheels to sit on the bottom of the bowl. Have not used it yet, but I anticipate it will work fine. Which brings me to another question. People have been discussing using sugar or other things in the bowl prior to making chocolate, to “season” the bowl. This was not an issue with the full sized bowl that came with the machine, since it was used at the workshop. I was not able to find any instructions for this on the site, and the bowl did not come with any paperwork. How much should I use and for how long?
  10. Hmm, would Silly Puty work, I wonder?
  11. tikidoc

    Making colored cocoa butter

    Where do you find metallic colors? Which powders are everyone using?
  12. There has been a lot of talk lately on the forum regarding using home made colored cocoa butter. I’d love to learn how to do this, preferably with basic materials available on Amazon and other websites. I’d like for this to be another “share your experience” thread, so feel free to discuss the “flowers” designed for this use, but I personally would rather start with less expensive options. What products do you use? How much do you add to the cocoa butter? Do you strain it, and if so, how? I’m thinking I would try the pantyhose idea since I have a clue unopened packages of them in a drawer somewhere, and they (happily to me) seem to have gone out of style. I have done a few google searches, with very little success. It appears there may be some info on YouTube, but I have painfully slow internet at home, limiting streaming (we live in the country).
  13. Pretty sure it was from 2016, from what I could find. It’s not in their current catalog, which is why I checked eBay. I didn’t find any chocolate molds at all on the current ikea site. Also, if you search this forum, you can find links to a number of websites selling molds (polycarbonate) that are likely much higher quality, which will last about forever if you take care of them. Many of these sites have literally hundreds of different molds.
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/IKEA-Vinterkul-Chocolate-Molds-Set-Of-3-And-1-Smoother-702-576-95/292437401005?hash=item4416a09dad:g:Hk0AAOSwhcNad7nE