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  1. A friend of mine is thinking about coming. I’ll let you know as things firm up.
  2. Vacation days scheduled! I’m in.
  3. Yea! I was worried it was going to conflict wuth a horse show I wanted to go with my daughter to ride in, but that is the following weekend. Time off requested. Is there a facebook group yet?
  4. My Cuisinart 14 cup finally bit the dust yesterday. I need a new food processor. I like to make big batches of food to freeze, so large bowl capacity is a must (12 cups or more). I've heard some negatives about the new blade on the Cuisinart that make me a bit concerned about just getting another Cuisinart, but I'd love to hear opinions. I get a lot of use out of my food processor, so I'm OK with spending a bit if it's going to last (I got about 10 years from my last one).
  5. Gah, I was afraid of that. I have the slowest internet in the world. This is gonna take a while.
  6. Does anyone know if the website will stay up, or is this just the print version? If the website is going away, I have a bunch of recipes I'd like to save before it happens...
  7. Your Home Appliances are Junk

    We recently upgraded our kitchen (it was terrible when we bought the house) and put in "new to us" cabinets (bought high end used cabinets from GreenDemolitions for a fraction of the price of new, and splurged on an expensive but VERY solid and VERY simple range (LaCanche) that I expect I will be passing along to my kids. Sometimes it's worth shelling out some extra for quality, then keeping it for a lifetime.
  8. Adding Vanilla to Chocolate

    In the US, biscotti is often sold dipped in chocolate. Not traditional, but quite common here, especially at coffee shops.
  9. They were filled with a peanut butter gianduja made with about 80% milk chocolate/20% dark, and a little salt. The dark and the salt were to cut the sweet a bit, but they are for my kids so "too sweet" was not a major concern.
  10. Ruth, do you mind if I use your pics of breakfast on my facebook page? I forgot to take pictures.

  11. I thought they were Chocolate World, but I was wrong. This is the link to the mold. They are about a 4 ounce mold. My kids were absolutely thrilled when I sent them a picture of the dragons. http://www.chocolat-chocolat.com/home/chocolate-molds/chocolate-molds-cabrellon/p17670038.html
  12. Spoke to MelissaH. Count both of us in for Thai.
  13. I spent the day getting chocolates ready to bring to the eGullet workshop this week. Clockwise from top, all with dark chocolate: rosemary sea salt shortbread with rosemary caramel, toasted coconut with coconut caramel, apple pie caramel, and guava and jackfruit caramel. I had initially planned to try to dip the shortbread, but it was far too crumbly (and I was tired), so I just drizzled with caramel then chocolate.
  14. Absolutely on both counts, unless you are planning to just make enrobed chocolates. I'm a small step above a beginner, so take my comments with that grain of salt. Initially, I got some of the cheap-o plastic molds and was unhappy with the results. Polycarbonate molds (well cleaned!) make a big difference. And your idea of getting a versatile mold is a good one. Spend some time looking at the "showroom" thread - LOTS of the most beautiful examples of chocolates made by people on eGullet use fairly simple molds like domes, half spheres, and teardrops, using a variety of techniques to add color. As someone who still struggles with perfect temper, I can tell you that the simple molds are easier to work with, and easier (and less frustrating) to clean in the event that they don't unmold perfectly. At some point, you might also invest in a simple magnetic mold like a square or a heart, if you want to play with transfer sheets. I have been lucky enough to go to the eGullet workshop for each of the last few years, and I can't recommend it enough. There are always members who will take you by the hand and help you with basic things such as tempering, working with molds, and decorative techniques. There is tons of chocolate to play with, which is a luxury if you are not wanting to buy a lot at a time. I have always come back inspired by the amazing creations the eGulleters come up with every year. Makes me wish I had more time to practice! I know it's late to plan for it this year, but I would highly recommend that you plan to go to next year's workshop.