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  1. I'd be interested in the bars, the hearts if not gone, and maybe the rectangle swedges.
  2. tikidoc

    DARTO pans

    Got my pans today. I have not yet started scrubbing off the coating, since that appears to be a big job. I got one skillet and one large paella pan. The box was pretty smashed in transit, like many others. There was zero packing material in the box - not even paper wrapping the pans. The paella pan looks fine. The handle of the skillet is pretty banged up, with multiple small gashes on both edges of the handle, giving it potential to cut or at least cause discomfort to someone grasping the handle. I think they can be sanded out, but it will take a fair amount of effort. The cooking surface is also fairly scratched, but those appear more superficial. The quality and heft of the pans are excellent, but I cannot understand why they don't just use a little packing material of some sort. Even a couple wrappings with newspaper would likely have prevented most or all of the damage.
  3. My rep has never made me buy 12. Usually 3 or 4. Unfortunately, I have a new rep, so I don't know if the same rules will apply with my next order. I have not ordered since the rep change. I get most of my fruit purees from Hispanic groceries anyway (mango and passionfruit are a fraction of the price of the cartons).
  4. I am not a business, just a hobbyist, but I love AUI. I buy couverture and a few other ingredients (frozen fruit purees mostly) from them once or twice a year, and my rep drops it off at my office or meets me somewhere along his route when he is in town (Richmond VA). The savings on shipping keep me a loyal customer.
  5. The link worked, thanks! When I called, the person from Marriot said they had nothing. The rep called the hotel, and they said they had nothing either. I'm assuming she didn't talk to the right person. Rob already knows this, but the Science Museum is amazing. I went on a school trip with my older daughter when she was in elementary school, and we had a blast. Looking forward to taking Maddie too!
  6. Just spoke to the Marriot and they said no reservation exists for us.
  7. Have you heard if a teen can participate? She went to NOTL this year and did fine, she's a responsible kid who follows instructions well. My understanding is that there could be insurance issues? She would really like to know and I'd like to be able to let her know if she can. Thanks!
  8. This won't use up much chocolate, but I keep super ripe peeled bananas in the freezer specifically to make an "ice cream" that is simply banana. Put chunks of frozen bananas in a food processor and let it run. You may have to scrape it down occasionally. Let it run some more. After a few minutes it will get very pale in color and creamy, and with a texture much like soft serve. The mouthfeel is much like a dairy product. At this point, I sometimes add cocoa, chopped chocolate, or another fruit such as strawberry or peach, or some flaked coconut. Also, a mix of melted chocolate and coconut oil makes for a great homemade ice cream shell topping.
  9. Where are you located? There are some very acceptable reasonably-priced real couvertures on the market. I honestly don't see the point of using compound chocolate. I'm sure we could suggest some good couvertures that won't break the bank, depending on your location. I am a hobbyist, so don't have access to large volume discounts, and I have been very happy with the couvertures and the customer service at Albert Uster. I recently switched to the Felchlin (a step up, both in quality and cost, but still fairly reasonable), but the Orchid products were quite acceptable and very economical. The Orchid line is not going to give you the same nuanced and different flavors that you might get with a fancy single origin chocolate, but it is a good straightforward chocolate flavor that would be a big step up from a compound chocolate, and is easy to work with. I only order once or twice a year, but the rep for my region would either drop off at my office or meet me somewhere near his more frequent customers, so I never had to pay for shipping, although it would sometimes take a couple weeks to arrange a time and place. I just learned to order well before running out.
  10. I used the company linked above a couple years ago to do transfer sheets with the logo for the medical practice I am a partner in, and they did a great job and prices were quite reasonable. The process was easy - I did a single color, and just sent them an image of the logo and a sample of the color I wanted.
  11. tikidoc

    Coloured fat soluble powders

    Who do you like in North America, other than the Power Flowers?
  12. I was thinking of just putting some gorilla glue on the end of the popsicle stick the next time it comes out.
  13. What are you guys using for the piece you put in the mold to create the effect? I used the popsicle stick in the molding compound and the stick comes out.