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  1. Count Maddie and me in please.
  2. It's pleasant. I dislike most white chocolate, and I'd much rather eat this than white (unadulterated white - I do like some fruity ganaches made with white chocolate). My kid LOVES the ruby (and she tends to have a pretty developed palate for a teen - she's very much a cheese snob), but she also likes white and milk chocolates, so it's not too surprising. For me? Overall, meh. I think it will be useful to provide additional color to a box of chocolates, and I think it will be nice with an appropriately matched fruity ganache. But nothing to get excited about. If my kid wasn't so enthusiastic, I would have stopped at one 5 oz bag.
  3. Sorry, life got busy. If we can still do $6 cheap shipping, I can get the 3 discussed.
  4. And thanks to Kerry’s enabling (and mild paranoia about the political situation in the US, thanks to the current WH occupant) I have a freeze dryer!
  5. Thanks, Jim. I came up with the P100 as well, doing a little googling. A couple years ago, I had a respiratory illness that took about 3 months to go away. I even broke a rib coughing. In retrospect, I’m pretty sure I had pertussis. It left me with some mild asthma, so I’m being a bit more cautious these days. Also, since Maddie is getting more interested in working with chocolate, I want her protected.
  6. ‘Although now that you mention it, I could see adding a little powdered dehydrated fruit to kick up the color and flavor a bit...
  7. Sure, but Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry that!
  8. Oh, cool! Thoughts on fillings? Maddie really loves this stuff, so it appears I am making a Trader Joe's run this afternoon after we finish playing with the horses.
  9. I'm looking into getting a couple respirators for Maddie and I (currently using face masks made for painting). Which filters do you use? There are so many, I'm not sure which is best.
  10. Ha, great minds think alike, right? My daughter just tried the ruby, and she really loved it, so I guess I'm going to have to go buy a bunch of it. She's more of a milk chocolate girl than I, so not surprised. I think it's mildly interesting and an improvement on white (which I dislike, other than in select highly flavored ganaches), for eating out of hand anyway, but give me a good 70+% dark any day. And I'm not part of the cadre of the super intimidating people. I'll leave that to Kerry and Rob and others. Intermittent chocolate hobbyist here. I just play with chocolate, and not nearly often enough.
  11. Makes sense I guess. Isn’t Callebaut rumored to be the source of TJ’s branded chocolates?
  12. How big is the champagne bottle? Might throw that in as well. Cheap shipping is fine, I’m just trying to expand my stash - I don’t need them in a hurry.
  13. The flavor is decent so I could see making one bon bon out of a box with the ruby chocolate, for visual appeal. Maybe just a spattering of colored cocoa butter in in the mold to make it look interesting. I’m assuming I’d have to add some cocoa butter to decrease the viscosity and make it useable as a couverture? Not sure on the filling though. My first impulse was something fruity, but I don’t know if the fruitiness of the chocolate might compete with the filling. The chocolate almost gives me a hint of strawberry, so maybe a strawberry lemonade ganache with a fairly neutral white? I was thinking of making some chocolates for gifts for friends and relatives this month (since I was too busy with work to do much for Christmas), so I might play with it a little. It comes in 5 oz. bags, but it was a reasonable price as I remember, so not cost prohibitive to pick up a couple pounds to play with.
  14. I have no basis for comparison - never tried another ruby. It’s very smooth, sweet, and a little tart. I prefer darks, so not something I would eat a lot of but it’s better than most white chocolates. It’s ok. Has anyone who has tried higher end versions tried this? How does it compare?
  15. tikidoc

    CIA Book/Video Blowout

    Damn you.