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  1. Related, another Lidia book for a reasonable price. Lidia's Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Great Italian Cook
  2. One of Benton’s kids is a doctor, who I taught when he was a medical student around 10 years ago. Super nice, very bright young man. He missed fresh farm eggs so I traded a couple dozen (we had a bunch of chickens back then and always had a surplus) for some of his dad’s famous bacon. Wonderful stuff.
  3. No experience necessary. I knew absolutely nothing the first time I went. I still have a lot to learn as I am one of the hobbyists in the group. Everyone is kind and there are several who enjoy teaching and are happy to show you the basics. And we all chip in on the dish washing!
  4. We are delayed as well. Our original flight was pushed back 4 hours (would have missed dinner tonight) so we switched departing airports. Still routed through Chicago but we have delays here due to storms - had to wait on the tarmac because nobody allowed out to hook runway to plane, then we got off and another delay so we had to wait to get our bags (which we had to gate check). Then we got to our gate, then a gate change. And now we are waiting on our plane to get here.
  5. if there was much residue, I would think you would not get a shine there on the finished piece...
  6. If there is no visible residue (and the chocolate or cocoa butter that is applied after removing the tape still comes off shiny), I would guess that the amount of stuff that you could consume from eating the chocolate would be pretty minuscule. If the tape didn't come off really clean, it wouldn't work for chocolates. If a small amount of the adhesive was seriously toxic, I would think that the label would be covered with warnings.
  7. We're in (Maddie = Choco Monster).
  8. Just plain adhesive vinyl? I have a bunch of it. That stuff is made to stick to stuff permanently. You didn't have an issue getting it off or leaving a residue? If you have a design you want made, let me know, I can cut it for you and pop it in an envelope.
  9. The link for the tape did not work. I do have a Cricut, so if you want me to cut anything for you, let me know.
  10. What kind of sponge did you use? That was the big issue I had working on a smaller egg - an open enough texture to get the right effect, but small enough to have some precision in dabbing color...
  11. Gorgeous as always, Jim. I see you have mastered the stripe! I'd love to know more about your technique for the galaxy eggs. I watched the Savour video but it is hard to translate to a smaller egg.
  12. Dark chocolate eggs filled with peanut (fro fresh peanuts) and bean to bar dark milk chocolate mixture made in the melanger.
  13. Flight still not scheduled so later probably safer for us. Tasting sounds great. We are looking forward to it.
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