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  1. 2017 Kitchen Appliances

    Thanks. It's a farmhouse-style house out in the boonies. The kitchen is pretty big (although I suspect you city dwellers would think most anything out here in the sticks would be big). I think the previous owners, who built the place, ran out of cash when it came to the fixtures and finishing the kitchen and bathrooms (mismatched light fixtures, even within the same room, pressboard cabinets, no tub in the master bath, etc.) So we pretty much ripped everything out of the kitchen and started over, and we are slowly working on updating the other stuff around the house. It has been a slow, gradual process, and I anticipate we will be at it for a while. Next project is solar panels...
  2. 2017 Kitchen Appliances

    Nope, sorry, we are in VA. But it you want to see one locally, call Lacanche - they routinely contact local owners to serve as "ambassadors." I was able to see one locally after they made such a contact for me. I have the 18K burner with the French top, 2x11K burners, a 15K burner, and a 5K burner. Most of the time, to heat up a pot of water, the 15K burner is more than sufficient and pretty quick. If I am heating up a really big stock pot (or if it's cold outside and I want to warm the kitchen a little), I would go to the 18K on the French top with the center part removed to expose the flame. For long simmers, such as making stock, I use the French top with the center part in place, and it still heats up pretty fast. I had thought about skipping the 11K burners (and going with 3x15K, a 5K and the 18K) but I'm glad I didn't. Even "low" on the 15K is a lot of heat, so I think I have the best of all worlds with my current set-up. I already had warming drawers in the kitchen (they came with the cabinets), so I got dual ovens, both electric with convection, a full size and a small vertical one. The smaller one is handy for making smaller dishes or a half a dozen cookies (from the freezer) because it heats up fast and does not warm the kitchen. There is a storage drawer on the bottom.
  3. 2017 Kitchen Appliances

    Because I love my Lacanche...
  4. 2017 Kitchen Appliances

    Another vote for the Lacanche. We have a Saulieu and it was the best kitchen decision we made in our remodel. I especially love the French top. You can do low simmers on it, or you can take the round center part out and pop in the wok ring, and it becomes a super high heat wok burner. The build quality is great but the technology is very simple, so repairs should not be complicated, if you ever need them. Their US office is also in NYC, so less shipping cost and easy access to parts for you. This is a range built to last a lifetime. And they are absolutely gorgeous, and will be the star feature of the kitchen. One place that we saved some money was with the cabinets. We got ours from Green Demolitions. They buy high end cabinets being removed from homes for redos (usually when a new owner with different tastes moves in). They only buy stuff that is in ver good shape. You have to spend some time looking through plans to see what will fit in your kitchen, but we ended up getting a killer deal on solid wood cabinets, and they included a bunch of high end (Miele, Sub Zero, Viking) appliances like warming drawers, dishwasher, wine fridges, under counter fridge drawers, etc. in our package deal. That allowed us to go a bit higher end on the range and on the granite (Madagascar labradorite and Volga blue). I would estimate we saved $20-30k on cabinets (over using locally purchased semi-customs, not full customs) and got a number of appliances (some of which we love but would not have sprung for otherwise) as a bonus. Oh, and as the name implies, recycling perfectly good cabinets is a good environmental decision.
  5. A friend of mine is thinking about coming. I’ll let you know as things firm up.
  6. Vacation days scheduled! I’m in.
  7. Yea! I was worried it was going to conflict wuth a horse show I wanted to go with my daughter to ride in, but that is the following weekend. Time off requested. Is there a facebook group yet?
  8. My Cuisinart 14 cup finally bit the dust yesterday. I need a new food processor. I like to make big batches of food to freeze, so large bowl capacity is a must (12 cups or more). I've heard some negatives about the new blade on the Cuisinart that make me a bit concerned about just getting another Cuisinart, but I'd love to hear opinions. I get a lot of use out of my food processor, so I'm OK with spending a bit if it's going to last (I got about 10 years from my last one).
  9. Gah, I was afraid of that. I have the slowest internet in the world. This is gonna take a while.
  10. Does anyone know if the website will stay up, or is this just the print version? If the website is going away, I have a bunch of recipes I'd like to save before it happens...
  11. Your Home Appliances are Junk

    We recently upgraded our kitchen (it was terrible when we bought the house) and put in "new to us" cabinets (bought high end used cabinets from GreenDemolitions for a fraction of the price of new, and splurged on an expensive but VERY solid and VERY simple range (LaCanche) that I expect I will be passing along to my kids. Sometimes it's worth shelling out some extra for quality, then keeping it for a lifetime.
  12. Adding Vanilla to Chocolate

    In the US, biscotti is often sold dipped in chocolate. Not traditional, but quite common here, especially at coffee shops.
  13. They were filled with a peanut butter gianduja made with about 80% milk chocolate/20% dark, and a little salt. The dark and the salt were to cut the sweet a bit, but they are for my kids so "too sweet" was not a major concern.
  14. Ruth, do you mind if I use your pics of breakfast on my facebook page? I forgot to take pictures.