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  1. I have the Paprika app on my iPad, and it’s super helpful, especially with recipes imported from the internet. You can import a web address into the app and it will automatically download and format the recipe for the vast majority of sites. For people who compile a lot of recipes from the internet, it is a fantastic tool. You can also type recipes in directly or cut and paste from other documents. They sell it for every platform - you have to buy them separately. I just have iOS, and that works for me. $4.99 for the iOS version, and I have gotten my money’s worth many times over.
  2. So I gave it a try and it worked pretty well. Rinsed the rice, pre-soaked overnight. Drained and spread on a pan, then 100C 100% humidity, sous vide off, 30 minutes. Might go a few minutes longer next time but acceptable.
  3. Has anyone made sticky rice in the Anova? I would think it would be a good way to do it, but the rice recipes (other kinds of rice) I have seen all involve covering the rice with water, which would likely make for gooey rice rather than sticky. I’ll experiment and post if I figure it out, but if anyone has already tried this, let me know. I’m thinking of soaking the rice then putting in a colander and setting on a baking sheet and steaming until done...
  4. I did it with sous vide mode off and it worked well. No difference in the bagels, a lot less waiting to get up to temp. It looked a bit less steamy in there, but the result was the same. Unfortunately, if you use the pre-programmed recipe, you can’t alter it - I could not just use their settings then turn off sous vide. I had to re-program using the same settings but without the sous vide function on. Minor annoyance. Has anyone else noticed a little bit of condensation in between the two layers of glass in the door?
  5. Anybody had issues with preheating taking FOREVER with 100% sous vide at 100C? I am trying to steam bagels and the last 10 degrees takes forever, and the temp, although trending up, goes up and down...
  6. Day 2 bagel also softer than a regular bagel.
  7. No, it’s a bit softer than a proper boiled bagel. I only at one the day I made them, will update on a day 2 bagel today. I think the addition of the bicarbonate solution made the flavor pretty close. I also added a couple tsp of diastolic malt to the dough. So if regular bagels are too much for your teeth, these may be just right for you.
  8. First recipe, everything bagels. The only thing I would change in the recipe is that the bagels don’t have the flavor and browning that boiling in an alkaline produces. When I made them, I made a solution of baking soda and water and brushed it on half of the bagels after the steam but before baking. It made a big difference, and they tasted more like bagels.
  9. I got my shipping notice this morning, and it arrives tomorrow! What should I do first???
  10. Turns out the website says they don’t ship, but if you call them and get through to the right people (online customer assistance) they will ship. Will update when I get it...
  11. Looks like they don’t ship - only local pick up. Anyone know of somewhere else reliable to get one? The only places that come up in my search are companies I have never heard of and can’t find much on. I’m afraid of getting ripped off. Or anyone local to an RC Wiley willing to ship a couple out?
  12. Like many others during the pandemic, I have been making a lot of bread at home. I have a sourdough starter going, and so there has been a lot of lean sourdough bread in the house, along with other breads more palatable to the teens in the house, such as enriched breads like Japanese milk bread and challah. My problem is storage. Homemade breads go stale so fast, even the enriched ones. I’m experimenting with baking techniques/ingredients to make for longer lasting breads. I’d like to hear what others do as far as storage to make breads stale slower. I keep having an ad pop up on facebook that
  13. Not a book, but the King Arthur flour website is a great resource.
  14. Rose Elliot’s New Complete Vegetarian, $1.99. I have not looked through it yet, but it’s well-reviewed.
  15. If you are close to a Trader Joe’s, their block chocolate (they are not enormous) is very good for the price. I have heard it is made for them by a well known high quality chocolate manufacturer (Callebaut maybe?).
  16. Has nobody else tried these amazing cookies?
  17. Have not tried it yet, but they published a version with weights instead of volumes. https://covalent-hiltoncf.s3.amazonaws.com/DoubleTree/Brand-comms/2020/Q2/DoubleTree-Signature-Cookie-Recipe-Metric.pdf
  18. Wegman’s has an absolutely wonderful chocolate-chocolate chip cookie, that they call “chocolate indulgence.” They sell it in the bulk cookie area, but when I look online it appears they also sell what appears to be the same cookie in packages of 2, link below. I never saw it packaged in the store. I had purchased them several times before I found out they were gluten-free (uses oat flour). It is crispy on the outside and fudgey on the inside, and deeply chocolate flavored, not overly sweet. After 15 seconds in the microwave, it is even more amazing, when the chips melt. Among the best cookies
  19. Any update? I’m assuming it is called off or potentially delayed, as I cannot see it being safe or advisable to travel any time soon.
  20. Has there been any discussion about cancelling this year due to COVID-19? Although I do plan to wait before making a decision, the CDC is recommending cancelling unnecessary travel. I think it is something we need to at least be talking about. We are less than 2 weeks behind Italy in the trajectory of the disease.
  21. I use two nested stainless steel bowls, a heat gun from the hardware store, and a dedicated wooden spoon. Works great, and unlike some of the commercial roasters, I can both see and hear the roasting beans. Takes me about 15 minutes - I usually sit on the porch with a podcast or some music. I’m building a slightly more sophisticated set up with a large hand crank flour sifter, aforementioned heat gun, a wooden frame and maybe eventually, an electric drill to turn the crank.
  22. I took a class with Ciril Hitz but not KAF. I think Ciril used to do some of the KAF classes - not sure if he still does. It was a fun class. It was a general bread baking class, and we made several different breads. He showed us lots of techniques for shaping the dough, and we all left with a bunch of great breads. He was an enthusiastic, engaging teacher. I would happily take a class from him again. We happened to be on the way to a vacation in MA, and the timing was perfect to do the class on the way to our vacation.
  23. Thanks for all the suggestions. Szechuan book is on pre-order. I got some of the crunchy sauce - yummy and some similarities but chunkier and less sweet than what we had in the restaurant. I’m going to play with some of the recipes posted. I may be wrong about the presence of Szechuan pepper but if it was there is was minor compared to the chilis. I didn’t get the numbing sensation. But I may add a little when I experiment.
  24. I don’t think so, assuming you are talking about the standard “sweet soy sauce.” Again, quite complex, with spices I could not identify. What you mention sounds yummy, but more more simple than what we ate. Thanks! I’ll look into this! We have two Szechuan restaurants in our area, and both are pretty good at times but inconsistent in quality. So I’d like to be able to do more at home.
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