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Chocolate orange pasta


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gallery_7620_135_55622.jpegA friend has given me some chocolate orange farfalle.

a) Please tell me they are not as much of a perversion as I think they might be.

b) What do I do with them?

Sweet: Creme Anglais, strawberries or raspberries, maybe pistachio ice cream

Savoury: Duck strips, mole,

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I almost bought some bittersweet chocolate linguini a couple of months ago. The dry material had a pleasant but subtle dark chocolate bite to it, and was delicious uncooked. I don't know whether the flavor would fade into the background or become more pronounced when the pasta was cooked. I did not think it a perversion. I do think chocolate and orange are an excellent flavor combination. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of what to do with it then, and I didn't buy any.

I'd suggest cooking one or two of the farfalle and tasting them to see how pronounced the flavor becomes. If it's subtle, it could be wonderful with a mole...or smoked duck or another deep, rich savory flavor. If it's very obvious and sweet, then the sweet angle seems the only way to go. Since I detest cold pasta I'd avoid the ice cream and go for a warm sauce or warmed fruit. Perhaps a sauce of warmed peaches, apricots and raspberries in heavy cream, tossed with the pasta?

Sorry not to have better ideas, but I have faith in your creativity and ability.

Nancy Smith, aka "Smithy"
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How about a kugel?

Or a dessert resembling rice pudding? (My DIL accidentally used sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk in her Mac & Cheese a couple of weeks ago. I tasted it, and that's what it reminded me of. That S C milk even overpowered the cheese!) Perhaps add some grated orange rind and serve with a mild chocolate sauce.

Ruth Dondanville aka "ruthcooks"

“Are you making a statement, or are you making dinner?” Mario Batali

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