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  1. boy - I wish I could tell you that we could use help like last year - but things are bad from a banquet part here at the club....I even have discusses with a few other chefs and they are losing holiday gigs right and left - with Coke here in Atlanta cancelling a big one downtown for employees so -good luck -- I know that Proof in the Pudding was a while back looking for help - but that was a while back - good luck I will keep my ear down for you - g
  2. I don't know anymore with the stock market guys making money and now getting no slap for being andmaking stupid deals and we have to come running - I guess if I saw a chance to make some money and comprimise my pricipals IN FOOD ONLY - I guess I could do it too.
  3. The new food labeling laws hit very soon - so he better watch out - delis and places that self pack stuff are in the danger zone
  4. I found out and I did not know this when I was at CIA that if you certify ProChef it also certifies you with ACF at certain levels.
  5. Not a ton of pro chefs on here - the ones that do - get frustrated l;ike I do - but it is all in good fun and sometimes some good stuff comes out of it - I have bouced some ideas off the group and so on - I also think people have a false sense of the COMMERCIAL FOOD BUSINESS - and especially on this site. It is funny - my father is retired after being a blue colar guy for 45 years. I talk to him about every day or on the drive home from shift unless it is past the late news...anyways, he starts telling me about the Foodnetwork show that had what really happens to the tv shows and the REAL CH
  6. Sometimes this forum pi--es me off so bad and then a thread like this comes along and makes me laugh - OR allowed me to list my good ones.
  7. Not the aged beef - just the 12 oz - I amy have nuked it and then thrown it in the fryer - all of my WELL done burgers if I am in a rush gets fried - well done hot dogs too - but this we standard in Boca FL - the people liked them that way
  8. nope I wanna get them out so I can focus on the next - When I am busy I am thinking of 15 things and once the food hit the plate and hits the pass I am done and rarely remember it - Always looking to the last thing that came in. When something comes back it throws your mind off into anger and then you lose momentum
  9. I am a customer oriented kind of chef - but I work in a country club - a golf club which is around 98% men. So you think it would be pretty cut and dry right - give me the elite country clubs of south florida any freakin day. We have a guy that comes in 5-7 days a week for 2 meals - he still wonders why he is divorced 3 times. We have a guy that can't have any of his food touch How about the guy that can't be around any of the other guys at the table if they have a PICKLE on the plate. One insists on his bananas being cut up for him We have one that comes in to the bar every day - eats at lea
  10. Guy Fieri - did he have a lot to sell out? I like his show just don't like him. But if I saw Keller do that it would kind of drop his image - Guys had no where to go - as far as me - I had an exec job before becoming a chef so I went down in pay but the passion is where it is all at for me - if McDonalds approached me about a project and I saw a "passionate" angle - I would jump - But I am not Keller either.
  11. Are you serious? ← serious about what? ← Not sure what the question was either - Wes - you know what you want - you just have to figure out HOW to get to where you want to be - and do it --- it is passion that drives chefs not money (even though it is very nice) I love what I do not becasue of the Exec being jealous of my work, or the yelling at why I orederd what I did or the notes I leave for the staff to remind them - I do it becasue I want to look good and I want my crew to feel good about what they do...
  12. glad I asked - this has been a good thread so far
  13. You sound like you are getting closer to figuring it out - take time to figure out a plan and then follow it -
  14. Thanks I am going to try this for the next chefs table dinner
  15. and as I have said before - I have a degree and FOUNDATION from the CIA - the rest is SELF TAUGHT - I know the basics and the rest is up to me! So yep I have a degree from CIA and I am self taught! You are what you put into your life.
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