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We are delighted to welcome Heston Blumenthal, chef/patron of the renowned 2 Michelin star "The Fat Duck" restaurant in Bray, England who will take part in an eGullet.com Q&A on 23 and 24 October.

You may begin posting your questions at any time but please note that, for this session, they will be previewed. There will therefore be a lag between the time you submit a question and its appearance on the boards.

Heston will try to answer all questions but may need to limit himself if the number of submissions gets too high. Questions will be locked after Heston has provided an answer. Please feel free therefore to start a new thread on an appropriate board if you wish to debate any points raised.

We hope to obtain copies of Heston's first book "Family Food" to award to lucky participants in the session, who will be drawn at random. More news on this soon.

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