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enRoute Best New Restos 2007


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The 2007 enRoute Selection of "Best New Canadian Restaurants - 2007" is out:

1. Atlantica - Portugal Cove (New Foundland)

2. Kingyo Izakaya - Vancouver

3. Salt Tasting Room - Vancouver

4. Bistro Bienville - Montreal

5. Colborne Lane - Toronto

6. Le Moine Echanson - Quebec

7. The Trough Dining Co. - Canmore (Alberta)

8. Restaurant L'Idylle - Dieppe (New Brunswick)

9. Blink Restaurant & Supper Club - Calgary

10. Foxley Bistro - Toronto

Sooo... not much showing for Montreal & Quebec. Kudos for Bistro Bienville though, anybody been?

No, we can't blame LC. She was not involved in the selection. Several writers from Vancouver it seemed. Montreal and Quebec was represented by Sarah Musgrave - Montreal Gazette and Remy Charest - Le Soileil Quebec.

Seems this years selections has a "casual feel" to it, but maybe that is THE trend right now. I mean - number 3 - Salt tasting room - does not even have a kitchen!! Hmmm??!! I suppose that is the danger with these kinds of across the board "awards"... can you really compare all out fine dining and casual, chic, new and trendy on the same page?

In terms of Montreal - further down the list appeared "Vella" with no mention of Atelier next door. They both started about the same time. That's a shame in my view, Vella being really sub par...

But why be negative.... Hurrah for Atlantica....now finally maybe I can make it to New Foundland!!

And now that the 2007 list is out, Lesley, care to share how YOU would have voted?

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For the record, the country was represented from coast to coast. Panelists are listed HERE

However, with the restaurant scene as vibrant as it is in Quebec, i was surprised to see only 2 panelists from PQ. Still, 2 out of 10 ain't bad.


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I am not a fan of these awards. I only contributed the first year. And it was certainly my last.

I love Sarah Musgrave, but her beat is casual, not fine dining (though maybe she gets out to more expensive restaurants than I'm aware of).

That said, I can't think of many new restaurants that opened this year in Montreal that wowed -- but that's just off the top of my head. Wasn't the Trois Petits Bouchons also on the top twenty? Excellent restaurant, that. The food there is superb and the wine service is great. I'm sure I'm not thinking of others.

Does anyone know when the cut off date of the judging was on this?

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It's a really casual showing from the Vancouver end! Salt is where you go for a glass of wine and a cheese plate. I love it there, but it's not the same as a restaurant where you have dinner, whether it be casual or fine dining.

A friend and I, another cook, ate at Kingyo a few weeks ago and it was fabulous. It's an izakaya, so of course very casual. Great atmosphere, pleasant room. Beautifully plated share plates. We had a piece of black cod that was positively ethereal. Perfect.

Love it there.

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I was actually at Le moine échanson last Sunday. I had been studying all day and needed to take a little break. So I ventured to the Old City to try out this place. I was very satisfied.

It started with a leek and turnip soup with a goat "foam" cheese topping. It was earthy and a perfect starter for me, as it is very chilly outside. It was followed with a tartelette de boudin noir with red peppers, portobello mushrooms, cassis cream and a salad on the side. It was paired with a glass of 2004 Michaud Tourain cuvée Ad Vitam. With taxes, it ran me about 27 dollars, which is quite reasonnable. Being a student, I can't afford much dinners like these at the moment, unfortunately.

The andouillette à l'ivrogne sounded very interesting too.The service is warm, friendly and attentive. The place was very quiet, but that has to be expected as it is a tiny place and, well, it was a Sunday evening after all.

I definitely recommend this place for people looking for a nice but not too expensive meal.

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