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  1. Thank you very much for the clips, they are a great treat to watch.
  2. I live in Montreal, and have not yet received my copy ...
  3. Had a late lunch there at this time last year on the recommandation of a manager of Tom's Kitchen ( it was in between lunch & dinner service for them). Sat outside and enjoyed a delicious meal, it was a great discovery for me.
  4. Nice work by Jeremy Charles and his crew at Atlantica, I am very happy for all of them. Good job Boyoe...
  5. A book from Leméac's Chef-owner Richard Bastien is coming out next week...
  6. I think the organizer realized soon enough that chefs ( as in head chef or chef owners) would not be dupped so easily, and that's why he targeted mostly young cooks for his following events, asking for cash up front and then not delivering... After paying with a company cheque, asking for a proper receipt and refusing a "special" lunch request, I was never contacted again for any of the following events; I guess I made his life difficult... "Qui mala agit odit lucem"
  7. I attended the Will Goldfarb seminar, as did several other chefs, caterers and at least one journalist from La Presse. If everyone there paid the requested fee (somewhere around $200.00 cdn) then it would appear that we all fell victim to a not so revolutionary mind f... If Mr.Goldfarb, the first invitee, did not receive is due, it's unfortunate that some of his colleagues had to suffer the same fate.
  8. I think it refers to the area in wich the kitchen & food related storage where found in older estate type properties, as an annexe to the main residentiel building. i.e. " Le chateau et ses dépendances"
  9. Auberge Hatley was sadly destroyed by the violent blaze. La Presse ( in french)
  10. Hanger steak at Monkland Tavern was delicious on several occasions...
  11. Apparently he was shooting a segment of the said MTL show at ITHQ, earlier this week.
  12. My better half dropped by on Saturday, she was a bit underwhelmed, considering the $ 10.00 entrance fee. But it was extremely busy...they promised a lot of tasting opportunities, but it seemed that most kiosques were only selling ... A few of the "big" names were also missing ( Chocolat de Chloé, Maison Kakao) So she said...
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