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  1. I am a regular at 10 pm $22 at Lemeac... hard to beat!! Although I wish they rotated through a few more variations on the $22 menu..... I was referring to Milos regular Exalted prices, but count me in on their $22 11 pm deal.... The City of Montreal also needs to step up to the plate... help promote tax paying inner city businesses! Remove irritations like parking etc. Ok, small thing in $$ but imagine if the City promoted a FREE parking night per week, to come in and enjoy the city restos. But frankly I am not sure I'd like to see too much erosion of resto plate prices because it ultmatel
  2. Taverne Crescent offers "Pay what you want - Payer C'que vous voulez", Monday through Friday 11:00 - 15:00. They are at 1433 rue Crescent. Food not drinks is "Pay what you want". Taverne Crescent They were written up in an article in The Globe and Mail about this trend - here and overseas. Pay what you want restos link
  3. Hmm, wonder what $22 will get you at Milos? Nothing on their website, or the others either, about these offers. In either case let's support our local restaurant and party like it's 2009!
  4. Anything yet? I guess we'll know Dec 16th but is there anybody with "pre-release" news? In these supposedly blah economic times, let's this one shine and make it a Montreal feast to remember.
  5. Suberb job!!! Click here for Lesley Chesterman's Montreal Fine Dining and Much More Website Nice design, LOTS of information and you keep it updated too. WOW! What's wrong with you folks, why aren't you chatting up her website?? Oh, forgot - asleep at wheel like me - or over at that canine place. Zzzzzzz. This is an impressive website, good reviews of old and new and up-to-date written by a pro. Use it before you come to Montreal. So..Thanks Lesley (late but humbly).... did not know: - Mikado moved - THANKS .... the old place entrance always reminded me of a "oriental" massage parlor. New
  6. Hmm, never had those vibes at Juni. I have taken several people there and never had any problems like what you experienced. It's a small space... what... maybe 30-40 seats, with 6 people to seat....if anything goes wrong.. it's hard to recover quickly. I wonder if the reservation person got your cancellation of the 2 people wrong and cancelled your whole party? Obviously not a reason why you should be treated rudely! I would not write them off, because Juni's skills are unique in Montreal.
  7. IKEA's food store at the cash registers have SWEDISH pickled herring. I don't think they have the plain matjes filets here in the Montreal store, but they do have variety of ready made pickled herring.
  8. Article in NYT about Montreal Restos. The usual suspects are mentioned. Not particularly enlightening here, but hopefully good exposure and more business from down south. http://travel.nytimes.com/2008/04/06/travel/06choice.html
  9. This in on the email from Racha Bassoul: En plus de la carte du brunch hebdomadaire, la chef Racha Bassoul a conçu un BRUNCH spécial pour le weekend Pascal. Réservations suggérées! ============================================== In addition to the weekly brunch menu, chef Racha Bassoul has created a special BRUNCH for this Easter weekend. Reservations are welcome! ============================================== http://www.lebazaar.ca :: 365 Laurier Ouest :: 514-276-6999 ::
  10. Tapeo http://www.restotapeo.com/ Laloux http://www.laloux.com/ Pullman http://www.pullman-mtl.com/ Bouchonné and ze ol' standby.. that never fails... Leméac http://www.restaurantlemeac.com/en-CA/index.aspx
  11. Yes, I've tried it several times. It's a clean fresh taste. Don't know if I believe it's from the second pressing after they pressed for Ice Cider. At 12 % alcohol the initial sugars don't add up. So maybe they Chapitalize (add sugar). Anyway... it's good, clean product. Check out Ciderie Minot..... they have some nice traditional ciders including a Rosé Sparkling at about 7 % alcohol, perfect for summertime sipping. There are actually quite a few traditional Quebec ciders that are worth checking out!
  12. Chile, eh? Very interesting. At the November Ottowa Wine and food show there was a a great Chile booth presenting a huge range of vere nicely made Chilean wines. Goodby Bulk and Depaneur!! And not a label critter in sight. Chile can produce wine styles from Racy NZ like Sauvignon Blancs to Hot Syrahs. Some interesting Bourdeaux like reds made from a grape I don't recall at the moment. Would be very interesting to see what Chilean Chefs can come up with and if they will feature some good Chilean wines. Any pre-pointers where they will appear....??
  13. Well, I got the press release below off the web. The 2008 Website for the festival is up. Details of the "Wine and Dine Experience" won't be posted until December 12 it seems. http://www.montrealenlumiere.com/volets/ta...en_bref_en.aspx I really enjoyed the festival last year, especially the Maremma event with Chef Cesare Casella. So I'd like to get a heads up early for 2008 and check out the Toronto talent. Any comments? /gth ****Press Release**** Media Advisory: Toronto's Finest Chefs Spice up the 2008 Montreal High Lights Festival Press Conference TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 23,
  14. The announcements of the 2008 High Lights Festival should be coming up soon. Anybody heard anything - pre-release?
  15. The 2007 enRoute Selection of "Best New Canadian Restaurants - 2007" is out: 1. Atlantica - Portugal Cove (New Foundland) 2. Kingyo Izakaya - Vancouver 3. Salt Tasting Room - Vancouver 4. Bistro Bienville - Montreal 5. Colborne Lane - Toronto 6. Le Moine Echanson - Quebec 7. The Trough Dining Co. - Canmore (Alberta) 8. Restaurant L'Idylle - Dieppe (New Brunswick) 9. Blink Restaurant & Supper Club - Calgary 10. Foxley Bistro - Toronto Sooo... not much showing for Montreal & Quebec. Kudos for Bistro Bienville though, anybody been? No, we can't blame LC. She was not involved in the select
  16. Shoot...wish I had known about that... but thanks for the heads up! Been meaning to go there for a long time. Ok so how does it work with the other menus? They seem to be from 2006 on the site. Do you need to be a group that is larger than 2? They don't take cards but want to 25 % deposit with reservation? English speaking? /gth
  17. Not exactly news.... but good... In the last few years SAQ has improved their selection of Quebec wines. Still tend to be hidden away compared to the latest promo, but most stores now seem to have some Quebec wines. AND...of course a fairly large selection of QC Ice Ciders. The JTM "Marche des Saveurs" is still the best place for Quebec wines in Montreal.
  18. Hey Cheryl.... never to early for HAG sorbets... If I remember correctly the store at JTM is open until 6 pm. Opens at 10 am at least. Yeah to ground cherry!! Seems to me they have slowed down the pace of new entries in the last 2 years or so... more bringing back old favourites as the seasons pass. I imagiine it could be a matter of shelf space if nothing else. At one time thay had a pumpkin and cloudberry..... I managed to get a 1/2 liter then it was gone and I never saw it again. Cloudberry would be an expensive ingredient I suppose...
  19. I was just going to say....check out "an endless banquet"....they also have a couple of cute gourmet maps, with everything you need to know. For Wine, do check out Pullman.... they feature excellent off-the-beaten-track private import wine available by the glass, and their sommeliers know their stuff. And their small plate selection is excellent. Seems more interesting than Bu these days. Otherwise for relatively new and together restos.... check out Atelier on St Laurent. For a unique Bistro go to Bazare Anise on Laurier. For more straight on bistro - Lemeac is open 7 days a week with amazi
  20. Choco- Bluet came and went. Make sure you try it next year! Gritty chocolate goes great with the blue berries. They are back to the choco-cheries now. The blue berry version is much better. Also - heads up... did not have the Cassis stanby for a long while... well the new batch is the best I've had. It's so over the top I recommend swirling in some of their vanilla - it's a super great sweet & tart combination.
  21. I don't now where you are arriving from, but assuming it's the US I would try to keep your girls away from the Chinese/Asian food. Very likely they'll be dissapointed. This is a FRENCH-CANADIAN city and I suggest you try to show the girls that unique part of North American culture. Try a typical bistro. Holder could be fun for them. Lemeac - especially a bit later in the evening. L'Express. Margeaux for a typical french family bistro that could as well be in France. Or just hang out on St Catherine, take in the young street scene and drop in "anywhere". And make them speak french!!
  22. Francois, Could you elaborate on that smoker, please? Is i still available? What are the specs? Does it work? /gth
  23. Ok, fedelst, I took your word that this guy was offering a bounty for her picture. IF that is true he crossed a big divide. He can rant and rave and counter her critics and writing all he wants. And if he can nail her for proven inaccuracies, go for it. And any professional critic would not hesitate to publish a retraction of a mistake.... it can happen. So he has plenty of recourses. If he'd stayed above the gutter. But he can't threathen her exposure. How she works is up to HER and the Gazette. Otherwise the whole concept of the anonymous critic falls apart - can't exist. It's really unbel
  24. My son and friends are congregating in Montreal in a couple of weeks for his 25th birthday. Hints of a Queue de Cheval all out meat feast has been loudly dropped. Bankaccount has been padded and checked. We're set! Guess what - NO DICE MR M. You are Off the list PERMANENTLY. BLACKLISTED. Don't know the Critic, don't read The Gazette. Other than from this forum. ANd my copy of "Flavourville".. Enough for me. MR M. needs to seriously dissapear. IF he puts BOUNTY on a critics picture, threatening her job and the process - thats DISHONORABLE, don't need lenghty defenses of her, don't need a lo
  25. I had the tremendous fortune to attend a "cooking class" held by Racha Bassoul at Les Touilleurs on Monday. A unique event to say the least. It was clear something was in the works....soon... so... great! She's quite a lady. Soft spoken, but clearly with a steely determination to do what She wants. No need to worry about that! How fortunate we are to be invited again to her table. I think it's great she's offering "bistro food"..... no doubt with Her own view of the matter. With Bazar Anise, Le Margaux and Leméac all in three blocks of Lauirier West, that's three bistro evenings of the week
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