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  1. Tons of places haven't shown up here. This is the new offering from la Montee de Lait. Kicthen Gallery is another one that should have its own thread...
  2. At 3AM, I don't take anything for granted.
  3. Mile end is part of the Plateau and not a separate section. Mile end in itself is one borough of plateau and Laurier is very much part of the Mile End, the none official limits of mile end are from Parc to St Laurent (runing south to north) and Mont Royal to the Van Horn train pass. I can walk between St-Laurent and Parc. The current site of Bazaar is owned by the restaurant so if you call them, they might explain to you that it is better suited to lease to someone else who wants to have a shop, spa, or what not and move closer to the Outremont condo and dwellings (since the mile enders might want more Wilenskies than coriander red snapper). Taxes, I don't see a difference, rents, I am not sure, I have no real information of their 401 K plan. Traffic, well, I don't know, talking about 3 blocks here... Give them a call, maybe they can open up their 5 year business plan books for a article in the business section...
  4. who cares, what does mile end have to do with any of this ?
  5. yes, just on the other side of Parc on Laurier, apparently it makes a difference.
  6. I like my salter scale because i can store it ina few second and is a single block. Precision, however, is also dependant of resolution. A scale that can take a big weight doesn't usually fair great in the resolution (or linearity towards small weight). As with all, zeroing down a 1 gram weight using a big pyrex dish would be counter productive. http://www.salteronline.com/kitchen/205253/
  7. That was not a jab in your direction one bit. As for the list, I may not know half of the folks who own some of these restos but I know the other half and on average, all of them are complaining, some of them while driving import race cars. I, myself, claim to not be making a dime, after sending my 4 kids to private school. Maybe I am like the half you know, we just can't balance a budget if our life counted on it (god knows there are tons of owners like that). I have a collegue who just returned from Calgary this week. I am sure owners there are millionaires, the menu was high priced, the food was sub par, the wine list was outrageous and they sold 600$ bottles often... Thank god this is not the scene I want to see. I`ll stop blabbering on about the restaurant and start having some food like I did before. From memory, the very day this site got a huge drop was because of this type of thread.
  8. Large scallops have been part of north est fishing since the advent of home freezers, only the giant or auturier scallop is present enough to fish. The intro of Coquille St-Jacques must have been similar in times with oysters Rockefeller and probably a style that reflected the rococo-kitsh techniques of back. People had raw oysters before that, people must have had seared scallops before that. My dad seared them all the time, I would say he even seared them more than any restaurants, who put enough oil at the bottom of the pan that unilateral seared is more like unilateral fried. He used an old heavy duty cast iron pan. I am sure old coastal fishermen had it all the time, then on to the cities as migration occured, my mom had family in Gaspe, it was normal to sear scallops.
  9. Seared scallops must have been around for ages, my dad used to make them, they were just like seared foie steak, any old french resto would have done it... I am sure it was served at Citrus, les Halles, so on... but really, I can't imagine seared scallops being something new.
  10. First of all, I am not sure if you would appreciate that my money was on you to loose your business. Second of all, you are speaking like a tourist, who claims to embrace the city but seem to rely on Zagat entries (y'en a une criss de gang qui se foutent de Zagat, honnêtement)... Furthermore, on same numbers, you blabber on about the business going down... Again, not sure. If toursists came to Montreal so much for food, they'd be less crap restos around major hotels (and less peep shows for that matter). I'm sorry, but tourists walking est of St-Denis are a few, most because they have seen Bourdain going to APDC, that's about it. Now because I only have time to go out on week nights I can tell you that: Always packed, M on Masson, Laloux for lunch at full dinner price, Cafe Feirrera 24-7, Decca, Bistro Biainvile, Les Trois Petits Cochon, La Montee de Lait, le guarde manger. New in town, Stellio has opened les conserves, where you can take out a Mason jar and a private import in a bag... Bistro Beaver Hall from the fun folks of Europea, le bistro... Trinity (cashland), Madre, Fauvert, Le Diner, Le Vallier, La Porte is indeed pretty nice (was it in Zagat ?), Duel should be interesting, it is after all the kid from Yuzu, Le Valois, Daniel Vezina will be working at the Z in the Germain just like Gonzales works at Sainte James, Anise is now Bazar and it was almost full on a Tuesday, Wilson looks like it's gold plated... Of course the dollar might be an issue, quite frankly I rarely have the chance to have private dinner at Toqué, I can see why they would adapt to a more touristic cleintele and lower their pricing, why not, everybody wins. There is a lack of fine dinning posts in this site because most posts have this Gazoo feel to them, there is some flaw about having English only boards in a French speaking city. So be it.
  11. zagat raitings... enough said. There has been a nice list of openings.
  12. The same should be said of the moine echansson, un petit bui bui, a small almost coffe shop like room. Two guys, lots of wine by the glass, cheese, soup, cured meats, two mains. Wonderful find for Quebec. Une boite a vin.
  13. The Queue sucks, always did, probably always will. I am now at peace with my decision to refrain from throwing corporate money at it. For the rest, who cares.
  14. Someone who believe their cell phone is a human appendage... and feel that they should use it 24-7
  15. Speakin of. I get to see Laurent Godbout prepare his new Area take over with Yuzu chef, our kids play sports together. He's a cell phone maniac right now.
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