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  1. It's a really casual showing from the Vancouver end! Salt is where you go for a glass of wine and a cheese plate. I love it there, but it's not the same as a restaurant where you have dinner, whether it be casual or fine dining. A friend and I, another cook, ate at Kingyo a few weeks ago and it was fabulous. It's an izakaya, so of course very casual. Great atmosphere, pleasant room. Beautifully plated share plates. We had a piece of black cod that was positively ethereal. Perfect. Love it there.
  2. There was a Regina restaurant on one of the En Route lists this year, to my surprise. I have some family in Regina, I was born there, and lived there until I was 9...back when I saw that restaurant on the list I asked if anyone had been there and no one had. http://www.zestrestaurant.ca It's not downtown, though. Some of the food sounds good.
  3. Following my recent week in Tokyo, there are obviously many very exciting food memories. I ate my way across Tokyo, and from it all one of the standouts was definitely a very austere, formal soba house. That's all they do. Soba. Hand rolled, hand cut. The only optional pairing was tempura. It's one of the pricier, lauded soba houses, I believe they've been open longer than a century? There is a unique chewiness that's not the same as dried pasta cooked all dente. Springy. Your noodles shouldn't cling together, but sit in a surprisingly airy heap, separate from each other without having been oiled. They can be easily eaten, transfered from a bamboo tray to your cold broth bowl. It was a very hot day and it was supremely refreshing, and digested beautifully. The broth/dipping sauce was the perfect balance of sweet/salt/bonito, and the nuttiness of the buckwheat added substance to a very minimalist lunch, accompanied only by a few light, airy, completely non-greasy tempura prawns. The very matronly, middle-aged, kimono-clad waitress was very sweet. I'll never forget that lunch.
  4. I bought their coconut last week. I don't think it's a new one though, but it was excellent. very smooth and silky. I walked in there hoping they'd have it and they did, and I put it on a very buttery spiced banana bundt cake, with caramelized bananas. I'm going to the market today, I want to try the clementine!
  5. I live in Little Italy for the food environment, and LOVE it. I wholeheartedly echo that all burrows look a lot less inviting in the winter, and to keep that in mind. It's lovely around here. Maybe you would prefer Westmount, but IMO Marche Jean-Talon is far superior to Atwater! The commute is perhaps easier from the west side of the city out to your workplace, however you're up to the 40 in no time from around here.
  6. what about L'Amour de Thes? I really enjoy shopping there, and their house blends are excellent. there's a location on Monkland and one on Bernard.
  7. oh, that is too bad about the tamarind, would've loved that. the pear-porto is excellent, but I think the pineau-melon is a real show-stopper. thinking of the guests I was receiving I got the also fabulous mango-malai...mango, passion fruit, banana and yogurt. tangy and bright...
  8. this Monday dilemma is a pain for me too, I work in a restaurant that is closed Mondays as well and therefore I wish to eat out on Monday evenings! Jun-I is open Monday nights.
  9. glad to hear it...the spiced nuts were good too. I'll keep my eyes open for the volunteer request, I'd be happy to give you a Sunday afternoon.
  10. I still love picking up the takeout pizza at Motta on Belanger beside MJT. Love the crust, which is pretty thick, although I'm normally partial to a thin crust. Nice tomato sauce, not too acidic, not too sweet. When I have a pizza craving it's theirs that comes to mind. off topic - toto2, when are you bringing back the grilled cheese sandwich booth at the market? the St.Honore and fig compote sandwich made me swoon last fall.
  11. I think Beauty's is offensively expensive for what it is - overrated greasy spoon food. L'Avenue is definitely a staple, and I think for what you pay for it, it's worth it. Omega 3 eggs, a heap of sublime potatoes...and yes, perhaps the staff can be a little tedious but not the the point it's worth avoiding. While Reservoir is my favorite on the weekend, L'Avenue is my favorite on a weekday. Hate the lineups, yes, but on a weekday if you go later than 11 it's fine. They serve brunch way into the afternoon on weekdays, a rarity. Cora and especially Eggspectations are just gross. Someone was telling me about somewhere in town with a duck confit and caramelized onion omelet on the breakfast menu...can''t recall who told me or where it is. I've since started making said omelet but would like to know where it's being served. Anyone know?
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