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Mt. Arlington for 4 days


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I (along with 2 business partners) will be in Mt. Arlington for 4 days in mid Oct. (15-19). I would love some ideas for good local independent spots for dinner. The type of cuisine is not all that important but we favor eating local not chains. A good wine list is important.



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Wow...you're heading to sort of a culinary wasteland, from what I know! Your best bet is to search the boards for places in Denville, Parsippany, Morristown and Randolph.

Parsippany has some legit Indian as well as Chinese food (Noodle Chu), Morristown has Copeland (at the Westin Hotel) for well-reviewed burgers, martinis and oysters, Denville has the Denville Fish Market (you can eat in) and Denville Dairy (great homemade ice cream), and although I've never been, friends swear that the Black River Barn in Randolph has some great food in a very casual atmosphere.

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There is an interesting place called Pub 199 on Howard Blvd., Mt. Arlington. It's just a few minutes off Rt. 80.

It's a huge place with a prominent bar. The main dining room would not be good for PETA members, beacuse it is festooned with deer's heads and other bits of taxidermy rendered animals. I guess they are appealing to the rural crowd.

The interesting part is that they frequently have specials such as lobster for $12 or a dozen clams for $6. For a landlocked place, their seafood is surprisingly good.

They also have standard pub food that is pretty good and they serve every beer known to man.

Is it my ideal type of restaurant? No, but it has an interesting, hunting lodge kind of vibe, the food is far above average, there's almost always amazingly cheap and good specials and it is a fun place to be.

If you and your business partners don't require haute cuisine, you could have fun here.

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You might consider the Reservoir Tavern in Parsippany for some classic NJ cracker-style pizza. It has been there forever. Very popular.

Scarlet Knight has a great suggestion with Pub 199. I have some pictures and descriptions on my blog here. Ignore the steak, get the clams and lobster. And beer. If that's your thing.

Neither place has a notable wine list, but they sure do provide local flavor.

about 29 minutes away according to google maps is Bacchus Chophouse in Fairfield. It's right off highway 46, and they have a relatively extensive wine list. Dry-aged steaks. A nice big steakhouse burger. And an extensive menu beyond steaks. Big bar. Good spot, over all. website here.

Morristown is relatively close and has plenty of restaurants. searching on morristown might be helpful, although I can't think of many notable choices there.

Sammy's Steakhouse in Mendham is another classic NJ restaurant. around for years. it's very popular and highly regarded, although I don't find the steak very exceptional at all. Again, it certainly has local flavor. Some more info on my blog here. Clearly I didn't enjoy it very much, but it might be fun for a visitor.

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A person seeking "good local independent spots" is someone aftrer my own heart. This is the first quality that I look for in a restaurant.

This is a rather obscure area for this type of restaurant; however, in Newton, about 15 minutes away, is a gem, Andre's. The menu changes every 2 weeks, and its a BYOB but they have a wine shop adjacent to the restaurant, and their menu has a suggestion next to each entree as to what to pair with the dish. Really creative, and an excellent choice in this culinary wasteland.


Another rec I must tell you about is approx 30 minutes away. But this place is worth a journey! This is one of the VERY BEST restaurants in a 100 mile radius. It is due west on Rte 80 just over the Pa Border. Antelao, in the sleepy hamlet of Delaware Water Gap, Pa. Only 8 tables in a restored Victorian house, this is the fruit of the labor of a very hard working couple. He cooks, she waits on tables. She is always smiling and upbeat, unlike many waitresses, and tells a story and a cooking scheme for most of the entrees. The cooking is absolutely wonderful, interesting, and for the most part, equivalent to places charging 3x the price in NYC. It's that good. Reservations essential, but if I lived 30 minutes from this place, I would eat there weekly. GO!


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I'll second the recommendation for Andre's in Newton. There is also another very good restaurant down the street from Andre's called Bula. My favorite restaurant in the area is in Sparta (about 10-15 minutes from Mt Arlington) called Zoe's by the Lake. It has been well reviewed by the NYT, Zagat, and Star Ledger. During the week, they have a three course bistro dinner for $29, which I think is a great value. There is also a new steak place in Sparta called Docs. I have not been there yet but have heard good things.

NJMonthly recently voted an Indian restaurant called MEHNDI in Morristown one of the top 25 restaurants in the state:

This was the  The Mehtani family’s new space—three restaurants with one main entrance—shows the boldness of the founders’ scion, Shaun, 23. Mehndi, largest of the three, just happens to serve the best Indian food in the state. The innovative cocktail list is also available in SM23 (stylish bar) and Ming II (pan-Asian). 88 Headquarters Plaza, Speedwell Ave, 973-871-2323, Mendhi

There is a decent Mexican place about 5 minutes away on Route 46 in Netcong called El Coyote. Mostly your typical type of Mexican food but generally a step up from the chains. The last one I can think of in the area is Black Forest Inn. I am not a big German Food fan but the people in my office continually have good things to say.

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ditto llc45's mention of zoe's. you can see my birthday dinner there in the foodblog i did.

also in sparta is the Plaza Bistro which is BYO or Krogh's which is a brew pub.

you might head to stanhope for Bell's Mansion or into Wharton for Hot Rod's BBQ.

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The Windlass is right in Mt Arlington, on Lake Hopatcong. It has patio tables on the lake. It's morningside so the sunsets are gorgeous if you time your dinner right.

If you chose to eat inside, it feels a little like a comfortable old sofa. The owner has a huge crystals collection, tonnes of Lake Hopatcong memoribilia, even a cigar store Indian. It was kitsch before it was fashionable.

Sunday brunch is good, on a beautiful day. You can watch the customers arrive and depart by boat, the slips are adjacent to the patio.

They've been there about eight million years, are independently and family owned, and serve up some good chow.

It's not haute cuisine but it's fun, comfortable, reasonable, with good solid food. In Mt. Arlington, which is indeed a culinary waste land.

My Dad is the meat buyer for a national high end restaurant supply house based in NY. He lives on the lake. He orders the steaks there, occasionally. I guess that's saying something. :smile:

The Windlass

More editing: I don't know much about their wine list other than that they have one. I'm sorry, I am diabetic and alcohol makes me whacky. :smile:

I wonder if Holly Eats has rated the hot dog stand right at the exit off 80 W? I think it's called Dave's Dogs, but it's impossible to miss, it looks like a little Swiss Chalet, right there next to the exit ramp. I love their dogs, especially the red onion sauce stuff. Sabrett dogs, they'll cook them any way you want them too but default is dirty water dogs. They are good for a quickie.

Sorry, I can't find a web site.

Edited for spelling.

Edited by pax (log)
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