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  1. O.Tremont, the upstairs area of Flottes, on R. Cambon is a lovely place with an interesting menu.
  2. My wife and I are going to be in paris in Late May for a few days. We are wanting to do a day trip to Giverny as we have never hit the Gardens in the Spring. Where would you suggest that we have lunch on our trip? I have searched this board but found very little about the area. It seems that Vernon may have more choices. As we will be doing the garden thing we will be more casually dressed than our normal coat/tie for Paris. Thanks in advance
  3. Nashville is not dry. The main difference is that beer is sold in groceries and markets while wine and booze are in package stores or wine shops. The Alchemist (Toby) from The Violet Hour in Wicker Park is involved with the Patterson House in Nashville. They are 2 great places for a cocktail
  4. dlc

    LAX area

    Sorry to say that missed flights, delays and jetlag put us in no mood to go out to dinner. I am sorry that I missed some of these options but next trip I hope. I will say a late night burger and house made chips hit the spot from the 96th St. Bistro at the Renaissance LAX hit the spot. Thanks to all who offered suggestions.
  5. dlc

    LAX area

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. Yes a burger is usually one of the first desires when we return from Vietnam. We were not looking for a chain restaurant but I have checked out the websites of Joe's, Axe, Gjelina, and Cafe Pinguini. I will check out Lido also. Now to see about reservations. Thanks for all of the great ideas. I will report back when we return.
  6. My wife and I will be flying in on Monday night 1/11. We will be returning after a couple of weeks in Vietnam and have to overnight in LA. We will be arriving in mid afternoon and looking for something tasty for dinner in the LAX area where our hotel is located. As we will have been in the far east for a couple of weeks that is the only type of food we would not be interested in on our first night back. Also I will most likely not have a coat and tie nor will we have a car so cab only, if that makes a difference in the choices. Thanks in advance.
  7. My wife and I have to be in Durham next Sat. night the 16th. Searching this board it seems that NANA is the choice over Magnolia Grill. Is this still true? Are there another suggestions for a great experience in Durham. Thanks in advance.
  8. Rhea & I finally were able to go to Patterson House Friday night. We left work early so we would be able to arrive shortly after opening time. We were fortunate enough to spend a few minutes talking with Toby and Adam about the development of Patterson House and the Spring cocktail and food menu. The room has an intimate feel, like a "rich friends" library. Rhea thought the entrance and velvet curtains said speakeasy from the start. The lighting, sound level, music choice and the new bar are all exactly right (see pictures in the links provided by newbie21 earlier). To begin our long anticipated (watching the construction as well as reading these posts) wandering thru the drinks menu Rhea started with a non-menu drink that Toby is working on, then a Maisy Day. I started with a Dark and Stormy then a Reelfoot Manhattan. We shared a Terra Rica as the finale. Some of the things we wanted to try are not available yet as running the gauntlet of Tennessee's archaic liquor laws is a process that is still ongoing. Yes our legislature just voted to allow guns in parks and bars but did not allow wine to be sold in grocery stores. The small plates are not to be missed as they compliment any of the cocktails, wines or well chosen beers. We sampled the Proscuitto, Fig and Arugula flatbread (the truffle oil was a perfect balance not overdone as it so often is); Crispy Sweetbreads with sweet and sour sauce; Blackeyed pea hummus with Lavash; and I had to have the Tater Tots with Horseradish-Sour Cream sauce. A perfect spring evening that we hope to repeat soon. Thanks to all of the crew at Patterson House for bringing a new and exciting venue to Nashville.
  9. I came by Patterson House yesterday and there were lots of busy folks. I am excited about your presence in town and cant wait to come.
  10. Toby, I think this is fantastic for Nashville. Although I live here I have been an admirer of Violet Hour for years. My god-daughter lives in Chicago and it is her favorite place so we go every time I am in Chicago. I think that you have done a great job choosing your location in Nashville. If you do not want to post here would you PM me with contact information as I know a couple of "shaker-pro's" that I think would be a great match.
  11. My wife and I did exactly that at Graham Eliot over Labor Day weekend. The bartenders were super, the group at the bar convivial and the food superb. We also had a great time at the bar at Cafe Lula for a late lunch.
  12. If a short drive is not out of order go to Maryville and eat at Foothills Milling Company. A great spot in a lovely small town. Website is www.foothillsmillingcompany.com
  13. As above I am not sure of the August closing dates but La Cuisine on La- Tour Maubourg is open for both lunch and dinner on Sunday. My wife and I had a lovely meal there in March. We had Sunday lunch and it was mostly french families but I think solo diners would have no problem
  14. If they have a car and are willing to drive the Foothills Milling Company in Maryville is fantastic. In Townsend the Dancing Bear Lodge is another great dining spot. Non-resident dining at Blackberry Farms is rare now but I would check with them anyway they may get lucky.
  15. I heartily agree with dining at Clos de Gourmets. We were in Paris for a couple of weeks in late Jan. and early Feb. and had both lunch and dinner there. Another great choice is the area (and open for lunch and dinner on Sun.) is La Cuisine. We had both a Thurs and Friday luch at Spring during our stay so I think Daniel is doing it on a semi-permanent basis
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