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  1. I have not have time to read thru this entire thread so it may have been said before. But eating mostly vegetarian certainly goes along way to dealing with the health and environmental issues. That is the way my family eats. While we can't seem to go completely vegetarian, we eat very little meat. From an ethical perspective, I have been striving to buy the meat we eat from local farms. This also greatly reduces the health and environmental impacts from eating meat. Unfortunately, it takes more time to buy locally sourced meats and it certainly is more expensive. I try to overcome my miserly ways by realizing that the higher cost for the meat is more than offset by how little meat we eat. It is a weekly battle with my ingrained frugal nature.
  2. Wow - this has been a great blog. I was busy and had to read it in two big chunks rather than follow along. Now I am inspired to revisit your city - it's been way too long and I wasn't so into food when I went 20+ yrs ago. Thank you so much.
  3. I made Mama's meatballs after he gave the recipe on some show I watched. My go to recipe was far better!
  4. what a great way to approach a low carb diet. Sounds like you found a very manageable way to stay with it. Loving your blog so far!
  5. Hi soba - I laughted when I saw this because I automatically chose the zuni cafe cookbook - I have wanted this for a long time but never purchased. then I realized I have Marcella's cookbook, one of Madhur Jaffrey's books (world vegetarian, and many other vegetarian books), yet the one I want and gravitated to when I first read this is the one I don't have! Maybe I should just break down and buy it already! Even though I never post my cooking on egullet (not a big fan of taking or transferring pictures), I always love seeing your posts on the dinner thread. Your cooking style is much like mine, lots of vegetarian even though we do eat meat. The colors of your dishes are spectacular and very artistic. Count me as another that is jealous of the NYC green market. I am from western jersey and always go when I am in the downtown area. Here in NJ, our farmers markets don't start until the end of June.
  6. Mine arrived while I was away on vacation last week so I had it rerouted to friends house. Just picked it up today and cant' wait to give it a trial run!
  7. As I have posted somewhere on egullet before (don't ask me where ), we are another family that can vouch for the low carb method. Without counting calories or following any specific diet plan (e.g. WW), my husband lost about 40 lbs in 5 months by switching to low carb. This was after he has been exercising regularly and really watching what he ate for about 5 years. He went from borderline diabetic and high Blood pressure to normal in the first 2 months. We started out very strict (for a different health reason in our family). No grains. We quickly added brown rice and other grains (quinoa, wheat berries, steel cut oats). Our best discovery was Dreamfield pasta, made for diabetics - it looks and tastes like white pasta but you absorb very few carbs. We really did not care for whole grain pasta that much. My husband switched from cereal to greek yogurt and berries in the morning and from sandwiches to salads and protein for lunch. He has not put any weight back on in the last year even thought we now are not as strict. We eat out at least once a week during which we don't follow diet at all, and might cook one or two meals a week at home the same way. My husband cut out beer during the weight loss period and switched to gin and tonics. Now he drinks beer about half the time. We try to eat a lot of veggies with some protein at each meal and have healthy low carb snacks (e.g. hummus and veggies, olives, nuts, etc) on hand. We do watch fats. We eat a lot of olive oil but try to use other fats sparingly. I love butter for flavor but try to use less or use mostly olive oil with a little butter. While I didn't really need to lose weight, I have come to love this way of eating because I eat really healthy this way but don't ever feel hungry. When we go to friend's houses or eat out, I eat whatever. It seems that as long as you follow low carb most of the time, you don't have to be overly careful. Our biggest downfall is liquid calories .I used to eat cereal or toast for breakfast and then be starving by lunch time and would pigout. It's just changed the way I eat. For the first time ever, I was turned off when I raided my daughter's easter basket for robin's eggs (malted milk balls) - my go to candy at this holiday. I now pretty much only eat dark chocolate for sweet cravings.
  8. Tea is pretty much my beverage of choice and when I have a really good tea (made by someone else), I love it. But rarely was I taking the time to brew a pot of tea for myself because I feel that it's too much of a hassle. Noone else drinks it but me, then I have to get out the pot, clean it, etc. Ditto with teaballs for indivicual teas, even though it's easy, I manage to fall back to bags (although generally something better than Lipton). Basically, I love and aprecicate good tea but am lazy. What finally got me to pretty much convert full time to loose leaf teas (of which I have many that were rarely getting used) was to buy empty bags than can be filled. Now I prefill some for work weekly. While a love to brew a pot when I have company besides me that appreciates tea, the bags have been my program to start enjoying better tea on a daily basis.
  9. I finally emailed Blendtec yesterday to inquire about shipment. This strategy apparently worked because they emailed me right back informing me that it was being shipped out. Since I am leaving for vacation tomorrow, can someone tell me how they are shipping them (eg fedex?) so I can advise my neighbor to keep a lookout? I can't wait to start using it!
  10. That's great - another shout out to your wife. You can't miss out on opportunities like this, glad she talked you into it.
  11. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  12. Thanks, feel a little better then. That is same time and color I ordered. I'll just have to try and be patient!
  13. Am I the only one who still hasn't got their shipment yet? Wondering whether I should follow up. Can't wait to start blending!
  14. With a few exceptions, we pretty much only eat brown rice. I was buying organic brown rice in large quantity from Costco but they stopped carrying it. I love Massa organic brown rice and frequently order that in bulk as our basic rice. For jasmine and basmati, still prefer white. I love the Kashi multigrain packs, brown rice with other grains (I think options are 7 or 9) incorporated.
  15. Wow - couldn't stay awake last night. Just finished watching it and agree with everyone else, that will be hard to beat. Plus, I am so happy Carla got fan favorite!
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