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  1. I bought a Camellia Sinensis. BEAUTIFUL plant! Gorgeous hue of green! I steeped a small handful of leaves in hot water and added a little sugar. It did not taste like traditional tea, but rather what the color "GREEN" would taste like if you could eat it. No bitterness at all. How does it taste like tea? Anyone else have a tea plant?
  2. I just received issue #1 of this beautiful magazine- I purchased it from www.houdeasianart.com they also have a wonderful selection of teas
  3. via johnder, this thing appears to be on the market... The Pour Steady. via my hipster niece, "We are seriously two innovations away from circling back to Mr. Coffee."
  4. A friend just bought some kombu cha and can't find instructions on how to brew it. This is a solid tea, not powdered. Anyone know?
  5. I think I am about to enter my tea/tisane nerd phase. Got some good suggestions from our herbal tea topic http://forums.egullet.org/topic/119376-herbal-teastisanes-what-are-your-favorites/?hl=%2Btisane I noticed the post on Serious Eats about Steven Smith the guy who started both Stash and Tazo and now has another tea company.- http://drinks.seriouseats.com/2013/08/steven-smith-interview-tea.html?ref=excerpt_readmore Some sound quite appealing. Has anyone tried them ad if you have tried Stash or Tazo or the new company and how would they compare?
  6. Interesting discussion in The Guardian, here. There is also a huge amount of reader-contributed material here.
  7. I was kindly given a bag and wow this makes brilliant blue color? But as far as drinking it as tea? Has anyone tried this and have recipes? If not it will be religated to the food coloring section of the pantry? Fascinating the color oozes a very deep unfoodlike blue into the water like you are pouring blue ink in. Straight from the bottle. But the flowers just look like little blue flowers, no evidence the color is anything but natural, it doesnt rub off, but when it hits water you have RIT DYE blue if you out lemon in it turns purple ..fun but I have no clue about these, did a search it do
  8. Well, the polar vortex has returned and I am drinking teas that go well with cold weather : strong black tea and powdered green tea with butter ("Tibetan"-style). And, I was wondering: What do you drink- tea-wise- when cold weather hits?
  9. Japanese Pan-fired teas? Japanese Oolongs? Really? Japanese Kamairicha tea - what's that? Miyazaki - where's that? Patience Grasshopper, all will be revealed. Dan at yuuki-cha.com is providing three fascinating organic Japanese teas for this Tea Tasting & Discussion. The featured teas are grown in Miyazaki on the island of Kyushu, one of the traditional pan-firing regions of Japan. Organic Miyazaki Oolong Tea Kuchinashi Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Sakimidori Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Okumidori More details soon on each of these rare Japanese teas in the next three posts. How This Tea Tas
  10. My only flirtation with tea has been in the context of milky, spicy masala chai. Some time ago, I was introduced to green/flavored tea, which I found very light and refreshing by comparison. Now I want to delve further into this fascinating world. Thanks to the informative threads and links here, I now have some idea about the differences between the major types of tea. I also understand that they have to be prepared differently. I live in an area where I might have access to stores (ethnic grocery stores, Central Market etc.) that sell tea. Also, there seems to be a decent number of reputed o
  11. I sick of boiling water everytime I want tea (which is a lot these days). We been going through a lot of tea lately. So a friend suggesteding getting one of those instant hot water dispensers. They hold about 3 liters and are made by brands like Zojirushi and National. It seem like every chinease household I've been in has one. What are people's experiences with them? Are they worth the $100 price tag? Which one do you recommend and where can I get the best prices? Any insight would be appreciated. I'm also going to go from bag to loose leaf teas. What is your favorite on-line sourc
  12. I was walking to work the other morning, relishing the crisp, cool fall air. Those of you who either live here in NYC or have had the pleasure of visiting in summer know that the smells you encounter during those months can be...less than pleasant. So, it's always a treat when summer departs, taking the stench with it. Fall's cleaner, colder air also allows you to smell all the good things you couldn't in August - roasted nuts, smoke from a brownstone's chimney (what I wouldn't give for a WBFP!), and, above all, coffee carts. Every corner, it seems, is perfumed by them in the morning, the a
  13. In the Februrary issue of Wine and Gourment magazine in Israel (only offline, only Hebrew) I published a story about tea in general and in Israel in particular. You can find some of the info here http://stratsplace.zeroforum.com/zerothread?id=10487
  14. Last spring I posted a confessional about my dear parents coffee. It was really undrinkable. Several people suggested I bring my own press pot and grounds to their house, or volunteer to make the coffee. Unfortunately feelings would be hurt which would be much worse than a bad cup of coffee. So instead, I thought some suggestions and a few gifts might help effect a reasonable solution. But one new coffee maker, burr grinder, one initial pound of beans, and almost a year of practice later, the coffee is worse. I should never have intervened in the first place. They only either got conf
  15. After a brief flirtation with coffee in my youth, I have returned to the home of my grandmothers and am now, once again a tea drinker with a minor flirtation with decent coffee. Upon my return I realised that I much preferred China tea to Indian and Ceylon teas. Well, that wasn't a problem really, lazy human that I am, I could buy Twinings China Black in tea bags and be happy. In the summer I drank Lapsang with a little lemon or maybe a nice cup of Earl Grey, and all was well. For a little while. But the sudden influx of flavoured teas and ten varieties of green tea and whatnot invaded the sup
  16. To really make oolong tea is a kind of demonstrative performance, it let the drinkers understand the steeping technique of the Oolong tea Specially the famous tea Oolong tea, the swells process is extremely fastidious,it is a kind of tasting tea art which melts the traditional technique and the modern, has the local favour ,what it transmits is tea road spirits: such as Pure, elegant,and ritual,unite. Pure:Tea pure, the pure heart of tea host, melting the tea friend to be pure, are tea foundation. Elegant:Steep tea carefully, the rhyme exquisite body, the elegant tea bureau which show the fl
  17. My son recently returned from China and brought back some wonderfully scented tea from The Bell Tower Tea House. Unfortunately since the package is in Chinese, I am uncertain of the specific variety. It is, however, of the "gunpowder" style. I have never had this kind of tea before let alone brewed any. How much should one use and what would be the best method for brewing and then storing this tea? I will add some photos shortly.
  18. The production of delicious oolong tea requires time-honored tradition and outstanding craftsmanship. Tea leaves are picked on the morning of a clear day. They should be picked in units consisting of one bud and three leaves and exposed to the sun. This is the first stage. The second stage is to dry them indoors to promote fermentation. The most crucial part in the production of oolong tea is when to stop fermentation. As oolong tea is fermented to some extent, it is called semi-fermented tea. Experience is required to identify the best time to stop the fermentation, which is when the leaves
  19. I don't know what started me thinking along this line. But, I started today. I have two questions about press-pots that really cooked my noodle, and I think I have one of them answered (but not very satisfactorily). 1: Why do we press press-pots instead of lifting? 2: Why aren't there press-pots with finer filters? Here's the deal that makes me think it's worth my time to worry about. I really like press-pot coffee. The flavor is top-notch, but I don't have the scratch to spend on a grinder to do it justice. So I end up with more sludge than I can handle. Question 2 would address that.
  20. A dear friend of ours, having asked for tea at our house last week, took the filled electric kettle and, instead of placing it on the electric base, turned on the stove and placed the plastic bottom onto the burner. Poof. We are now in need of a new kettle. Speed, volume, and lack of expense are our primary goals, but if it looks spiffy in a 1950s modern kitchen, that would be swell, too. What do you use for your Lady Grey, French press, Jasmine, and Irish Breakfast?
  21. A couple years ago, my husband bought me a Cuisinart Grind & Brew coffeemaker. The thing made great coffee - but what a serious pain in the ass to clean up. I really hated that thing. I bitched about it constantly. Then last Christmas I got a Hamilton Beach Brewstation Brewstation The kind where you put your cup in to get the nectar. Yeah! Happiness! Then one morning I put my cup up and it would not stop giving me coffee. Coffee all over the counter and onto the floor. EEEK! Reese diagnosed that a coffee ground had become stuck in the delivery apparatus and cleaned it out.
  22. A few years ago, a friend introduced me to iced Earl Grey tea. It's a much different flavor than hot Earl Grey, and it's just wonderful with meat. I've been wondering--are there any other combinations out there that are especially good? It would never have occurred to me to put Earl Grey on ice. Having this combination at lunch, makes lunch a much better meal. And it's such a simple thing to do. I've served it to others many times, and even those without adventurous palates just love it. Other recommendations, anyone?
  23. this may be second nature to all, and i've tried to scour the egullet threads via a search, but nothing that was a good match for my question surfaced readily. basically, i've been trying to nail down how to make a great pot of loose tea in a teapot. this is what i have so far (and what's missing)... 1. cold water 2. when the water comes to a boil, warm the inside of the teapot and then drain 3. get the water back up to a "singing" boiling point 4. put loose tea in pot (1 teaspoon / cup for black teas, green teas; ? spoon for oolongs...can someone give feedback on this?) 5. pour water i
  24. In a "SERVICE" thread in DC/DelMarVa forum Bux asked the following question Here's a place to start... Specialty Coffee Association 2005 Barista Competition press release Most of the pertinent details providing a high level overview are available there. I'll start by commenting on the question of In a word - no. The reason being that the highest quality espresso and espresso based drinks being prepared and served around the world today are coming from independent cafes and coffeehouses. I have yet to hear of a restaurant, even one operating at the highest levels of price and quality, tha
  25. what tea will you be serving? i will be serving a darjeeling with dinner and scented tea with dessert joanne
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