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  1. Chufi

    Steven Shaw

    Like many other posters on this thread, I haven't logged on (or read) here in a long time. But eGullet was such a huge part of my life for many years, and in a way, still is - even though I don't post here anymore, some of the online friendships I made here morphed into real life friendships that are among the best and warmest I have. But even the interactions that only took place online have been such a great joy, source of inspiration, real connectedness, and fun. This was a very special place to me, and in forum land, quite unique I think. Condolences to everyone who knew him and loved him.
  2. A friend of mine was in Portugal recently and had a dish she still raves about - white fish, baked in the oven with bananas. I have to say it sounded a bit weird to me but I trust her taste. Googling isn't much help - lots of recipes for fish baked in banana leaves, but with fresh bananas, not so much. Anyone have an idea if this is a traditional Portuguese recipe - or maybe this was just a very creative chef?
  3. not pre-toasted and not parboiled. Organic amaranth.. can't really tell where its grown. the taste.. nutty, slightly bitter, more assertive than quinoa.
  4. love that amaranth crust on the tomatoes! EatNopales, you will forever be the guy who inspired me to make amaranth pancakes. One of the best things I've cooked in a loooong time. Looking forward to the rest of this blog.
  5. made the amaranth pancakes and they were fabulous. They were a lot thicker than the ones in your pictures.. not sure why. I used 1/2 cup amaranth and started out with 1 cup water, but that wasn't enough as the grains started to cook dry after 10 minutes so I added more water. The resulting mush was still very think so I added 2 eggs. They cooked up beautifully (the fact that I fried them in lard helped, I'm sure). They were very tasty and had a great soft fluffy interior. Served them with dollops of pea/cashew/mint puree and feta.
  6. thanks guys. Will try them this weekend, and report back! I'm a fernet branca drinking, "walk into a beer bar and ask for the bitterest beer they have" kind of girl so I'm guessing the bitter will be just fine for me too
  7. RG and EatNopales, I want to make those amaranth pancakes! could you give me some directions as to how much water for how much amaranth to make the porridge, and then how many eggs / how much masa? They look so good I can almost taste them, want to try them this weekend!
  8. Soba! I always loved your blogs - especially the beautiful pictures of produce (that rhubarb upthread! amazing!) but also the care and attention to detail that you put into your dinners. Can't wait for more!
  9. Hi Deus Mortus, welcome to eGullet! always nice to see more Dutch people on the boards it would be great if you could add this recipe to the Dutch Cooking thread: click Rommelkruid is interesting isn't it? I like using just a tiny little bit in braised meat dishes.
  10. You'll be pleased to hear the RG t-shirt was worn in Tokyo re: salad dressings: I'm still in Japan, and I've had some great salads here that were not at all dry, but dressed with something that seemed a mixture of soy sauce or ponzu, maybe a bit of rice wine vinegar, fresh ginger, and (sometimes) a little bit of sesame oil. Works especially well with shredded daikon and something like raw fish. I'm looking forward to recreating this when I get back. This will take you away from a Mexican flavor profile though!
  11. well... after eating my way around the world (3 weeks in the US and 4 weeks in Japan) there's definitely more of me to take home than there was 7 weeks ago when I left.. Too much of me, I think. So I need to get on some sort of program. Since I respond really badly to any program that tells me what to do, it will be my self designed program of not too many carbs, loads of vegetables, no salty or greasy snacks, and moderate excercise. I say moderate because I hate it, and it's no use trying to convince myself I'll do lots of it, really, this time! I'll use this thread to report back, for some moral support, and hopefully exchanging recipe ideas. The old WW thread was a great help on a previous weight loss project.
  12. Chufi

    Goose eggs

    Yeah I have to say that while I love, love eggs, the idea of an egg this size is slightly off putting to me as well. I wonder why? I think I will go the scrambling route. Will report back.
  13. Chufi

    Goose eggs

    A friend gave me 2 fresh goose eggs. I suppose I could just turn them into a giant omelet, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with these and has some tips on what to do with them? Do they taste any different from chicken eggs (and if yes, is that a good thing?) Thanks!
  14. I do this, but i will usually parboil the pasta for about 5 minutes, then transfer it to the sauce with a slotted spoon, and continue cooking until its done (and maybe add a little pasta cooking water when it gets too dry). I like this for very simple sauces made with high quality ingredients, because it creates a nice union between pasta and the other stuff.
  15. I'll go out of my way to avoid anything with raw onions and raw garlic. I hate the way it makes my mouth feel and it gives me heartburn. Other that that: tripe and pig's ears. Guess I don't like the really gelatinous / cartileginous (is that a word?) stuff.
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