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  1. you are braver than me Chris! or maybe you routinely eat higher quality food... i start with a much more tentative sniff. i only inhale deeply once that 'sniff test' comes out positive ! the smelling part is an integral part of enjoying the food, though. it gets all the senses primed for the actual eating!
  2. maher


    perfect sumup Ian was going to chime in with my two cents but i dont think i can add to that
  3. ok, here's my stab at it, if you are looking for something documented, and will accept sweet rather than savoury dishes, the Ramadan traditional sweet of Katayyef (fried pancakes stuffed with sweet cheese or nuts) has to get my vote. it is documented in Kitab-Al_Tabikh which was written in 1226 in practically identical form to the modern dish which is celebrated in every Arab household today throughout the month of Ramadan.
  4. Excellent.. Just let the chef/owner/bartender do his thing ... It is a truly memorable experience.
  5. I totally agree with Anna they are a separate food from fresh, but that's not a bad thing. Have you tried making a Caesar dressing with fresh anchovies? (full disclosure, I did... Let's just say I'm not rewriting anyones recipe book) Bourdain I think visited quimet Et quimet in Barcelona, a tiny place that is a master of bocadillos (open face sandwiches) made almost totally with canned seafood. There are a number of clips of his stuff on YouTube but I ended up carrying home a dozen jars of canned seafood from squid To ridiculously prices baby eels (angulas or elvers) home after eating there.
  6. thanks for that reminder about the two kamado companies. it explains a lot. the first time i did the research i got the Komodo Kamado company and was impressed with the obvious quality of the products. i have since come across the complaints, and the second site, where the products had dropped in price but didnt seem to be nearly as nice. it should have been obvious to me that there are two companies but the products look so similar that i didnt think about it. ... adds another spanner to the mix though at more than twice the price of the large primo i think i may have to choose that one instead!
  7. eG seems to be BGE territory, but id still like some advice. i was totally sold on the Kamado ceramic grill, but i have just taken a look at the primo, and the recent thread on the BGE has made me think again.. since its the time of year when these things are on sale, its my time to buy... never could resist a deal... i would appreciate feedback from any of you who has these grills, or if you've considered them on the way to the BGE. Please help.
  8. the traditional technique here in jordan is to do that with ghee or clarified butter... not the lightest preparation, but delicious... a special seasonal treat is to cook eggs this way with white ghee in springtime (ghee made from Ewes milk)
  9. i suspect that the brewer dark roast is nowhere near dark enough for a coffee roast... it was practically espresso roast black for coffee use.
  10. this probably isnt very useful, but i have been wanting to post something similar for a while. i really like espresso d'orzo in italy, or barley espresso. i have checked out the roasted barley kernels and they appear to be exactly what you said... dark roasted kernels. i have been planning to stick some on the stove but thought it might be a better idea and try when i fire up the outdoor grill next time. ill be sure to report back. if anyone knows if it is possible to run barley through a coffee roaster please enlighten us. one note of caution though, i was told by a barista in milan to only try barley in a manual espresso machine. he says it gums up the automatics since the puck doesnt eject as cleanly as the coffee puck. i dont know if thats accurate, but i thought its worth passing on.
  11. perfect growing conditions so should be a bumper crop. i had an early taste last week, and boy do i miss them...
  12. easy... fresh asparagus in season, drizzled with a bit of butter or hollandaise.. uric acid too high to touch the stuff
  13. thanks i saw that but i didnt know whether they sold individuals since my italian is pretty miserable. do you know where i might get the other necessary ingredients like the specific yeasts needed as well as more detailed instructions on how to go about this, storage temperatures, etc.
  14. i have read about the tradition of giving a child a set of barrels for making balsamico and continuing to make top ups to it with the kid every year, and i would really like to explore it more. does anyone have information where i can buy some of the things to make balsamico. barrels yeast, etc. are there any suppliers who would ship? any help would be appreciated
  15. avoid foxtrot oscar like anything. my experience there was overpriced middling food with poor service. for my money if you want something along that genre try Hereford Road or the Harwood Arms the potted crab at Hereford Road is worth the trip alone
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