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  1. Hello Chris, I am not going to be able to give you an answer but more want to ask a question...Could you describe the process to make candied orange peel(or other flavors) with instructions and ingredients? I've always wanted to try but never have! Thanks Chris and have a great day,
  2. Hello Formula400, How do you make both of those flavors of creme brulee? Tonka brulee or cocoa gru brulee? Is the Tonka...vanilla? And what is cocoa gru? Thanks and have a great day,
  3. My tempering technique is very standard with chefs. I have it listed below... Tempering for Dark Chocolate: 1) Melt Chocolate in a bowl over a double boiler to 120 degrees F. 2) Let cool away from heat to 105 F in the same bowl. 3) At 105 F add the seed chocolate. 4) Keep seed chocolate in the melted chocolate until it reaches 89 degrees. Remove any chocolate that has not melted. 5) The chocolate is now tempered. If you have the chance at any time, go to see chocolate actually tempered by a professional. I actually just taught a class in Salt Lake City this week and I had a lot of questions that I see on this thread. Once you see it done it is a lot easier to accomplish. Have a great day,
  4. I have never even heard of a financiers and I am trained in Pastry....I must have been in chocolate too long and now I am out of the loop. haha. Either way I would love to hear more opinions and recipes on this pastry so I can try it out myself. Thanks for the info so far...
  5. I know a lot of people that like Valrhona...the only draw back is that it is expensive on the shelves. Hopefully one day it will become cheaper to buy at retail level...
  6. Hello...I would almost agree. I would just change up the ratio slightly...I would add a little more oil to make it more of a true ratio. Although the oil you are adding melts at a lower temperature than cocoa butter so that will have to be taken into effect...
  7. I have heard some good things about Pernigotti but I myself use Guittard's Cocoa Rouge Cocoa Powder...
  8. I've heard a few people recently say that the best Creme Brulee they have ever made was a coconut creme brulee...Anyone tried this? I did wip out a Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee yesterday...It turned out pretty good but I think only certain people would like it. Have you guys tried a milk chocolate creme brulee before? How do you post pictures on here by the way??? Have a great day!
  9. I would love to see the recipe with the buttermilk. I have heard a lot of great things about chocolate cakes that are using buttermilk these days. I also like that recipe because it has the dutched cocoa powder...
  10. Ok I think it is just about time to get some good Creme Brulee recipes from everyone. What is everyone's favorite style of Creme Brulee? Any certain techniques? I just started reviewing my creme brulee recipe again and wanted to see what types everyone likes and what flavors they like. Have a great day,
  11. I have seen chefs started to go this way towards sour cream as well. I'm wondering, besides the fat, what in sour cream is keeping the "moistness" factor into the baked goods. Or is it just the fat that is in the sour cream? Either way it is working...
  12. What type of bread are you attempting to make? I am eager to see after a few more batches how things come out. It is always fun to mess around with the formula because you end up with your own recipe at the end. Have a great day!
  13. The moisture in any baked good will be mostly from the fat that is in the recipe. When a batter has mostly butter it seems to have a harder crust and dry out slightly faster. My suggestion would be to add oil to the recipe. Oil is liquid at room temperature so it give the "moist" feel to the baked good when it is baked and ready to eat. Water will mostly evaporate out and will continue to dry out the baked good but the oil will keep it moist...
  14. No pudding lovers or makers out there? I would love to hear some comments. I am designing my recipe right now with cornstarch and egg as thickeners as well as using both Madagascar and Tahitian Vanilla...I would love to hear what others have done...
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