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  1. Comfort Me...I know what you mean about eating lemon curd! I once froze it, thinking to "hide it"...then discovered I liked it even better frozen!
  2. From Alice Medrich Bittersweet Cookbook...has anyone tried the Strawberry Celebration Cake? Looking for a good birthday cake recipe.
  3. How would you make chocolate marshmallows? The strawberry ones are fantastic.
  4. Wendy....about how much gelatin do you add? I know it depends on the amount of the filing...and I am assuming you bloom it. My brother loved the Eggnog Tiramisu Trifle (Bon Appetit ) at Christmas so much I thought I would make it for him into a Birthday Cake this spring.
  5. Joni

    Grilled Cheese

    Holly...perhaps a stupid question...do you close the griddle? And about how long..I saw this in Gourmet, I think.
  6. I also made the Eggnog Tiramisu...with the genoise...it was a huge hit. Terrific. I did use the store bought mascarpone...and really beat it well and it was fine. I will have to try homemade just to compare. Everyone loved it. I did not use as much espresso or Kahula...just barely brushed the genoise. I did make the leaves in dark chocolate and some in milk chocolate....beautiful and amazingly so simple to make..used mostly camellia leaves. So easy, so do try it.
  7. Am thinking of changing my mind now..that eggnog tiramisu trifle does look good...instead of ladyfingers...should I do pound cake or a genoise?? I don't really like ladyfingers and prefer to bake something else.
  8. I am bringing one of the desserts ( for about 15 people, am sure someone else is bringing one). I LOVE dessert! Am thinking of the chocolate mousse cake from last year Fine Cooking Holiday. Last year I did two different trifles -- a lemon blueberry one and then a dark cherry pastry cream with almond cake -- both were terrific..but thought I should do something else this year. What is everyone else making?
  9. Larry...can you explain in detail how you do your triple bark? Sounds terrific!
  10. Another question...forever young...I am assuming in the mini tarts. you do not pre-cook the tart shell?
  11. Do you bake mini tart shells...or can this even be done? What size tarts do you bake>
  12. A friend of mine dines all the time at Higgins...loves to eat in the bar and order the pastrami sandwich or the hamburger.
  13. Thanks..this does help. It does have a tomato based..so will stick with the red. Fish stock....is there a good brand?
  14. Looking at a couple different fish cioppino/stews recipes..some call for merlot, zinfandel or white wine. Silver Palate California Fish which someone told me was great called for zinfandel...and NOT to substitute. What is everyone's preference..? The base in all of these seem to be fish or clam juice, wine, tomatos, paste, etc. Thanks
  15. Joni

    Making gravlax

    Thanks everyone for the quick response..for some reason (or I need to reread the recipe)...I don't think my recipe has it weighted down. Also..I have only seen the skinned ones at my Costco..so will go ahead with that! Thanks again.
  16. Joni

    Making gravlax

    Making gravlax this weekend...is it okay to buy the farm salmon from Costco and use this? Or should I buy the wild from a seafood store.... while the recipe says to "lay skin side down"..I would think you would want it without the skin. Any comments? The recipe is basically a salt and sugar rub for 24 hours, then pour water over it for another 24 hours (Gustav Anders recipe)
  17. another "yes" on the savory biscuits from the Macrina bakery cookbook...mmmmmm
  18. Is Bill Yosses still the bakery chef there? If so,...try Martha Stewart website for his lemon pound cake recipe...
  19. Yes...make the twice baked almond croissants or brioche from Julia Child!! Wondeful...only way to eat croissants..American Boulangerie has a recipe for twice baked filling with pastry cream and almonds...fabulous.
  20. Suzanne.would you mind posting the Tasting Room cheesecake? Sounds heavenly....(land light!!) I always thought a "cheesecake tasting party" would be fun!
  21. Wow~! Thanks to all...great suggestions!
  22. Fifth Avenue Suites is great.. just down from Pazzo's...connecting is Red Star for dining. As someone mentioned, Pazzo's has the small place next to it for a quick bite.
  23. A few years ago, I had a blind champagne tasting party to start the holidays...so we would know which brand we like, etc. It was fun. Any suggestions as to champagnes to put in the tasting for this year? Need high end (probably not more than $50.00 a bottle) and low end -- As I recall, the Roederer at Trader Joes rated high, and these were people with good palates! Thanks...and I will let you know the ratings too!
  24. The Heathman Bar is good; there is also Elephant's Deli branch on Park between Morrison & Yamhill (back side of Banana Republic) for soup and sandwich (Tomato soup or their chicken is great along with panini sandwiches).
  25. KNorthrup...looking forward to seeing what you have to say the Dining Room. Interested in the "Happy Hour"...as a "quick" and "easy" snack before movie at 7:00 p.m.
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