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  1. How do you get to the "Best of" threads? Cannot seem to find it...
  2. Does anyone still have Suzanne Goin short rib with horseradish cream recipe from the NYT a few weeks or month ago?
  3. "Added a cup of freeze dried berries to food processor with the rice flour and powdered sugar" Excuse me for the dumb question..but what are "freeze dried berries"?? Just frozen berries ...??
  4. KatieM...the gingerbread marshmallows are the best! thank you so much.
  5. Tyler Florence has what he calls the perfect cheesecake and the recipe is at www.foodtv.com...it was on a show on Sunday of famous chef desserts...good reviews on the site.
  6. pissaladiere..I would love the chai spiced butter ball recipe..or at least the spices you used..if you are willing to share! Thanks..
  7. I use frozen (which I thaw) Perfect Puree Passionfruit all the time when making my marshmallows...
  8. I made a practice batch last night...the taste is super! However, mine seem still "wet" on the inside...should I have slit them when taking them out of the oven? I was afraid to bake them the full 20 minutes since the bottoms seemed like they were getting really brown. (just a regular electric oven).
  9. Pictures please! BTW..I loved that issue of Food & Wine..the peanut sauce from Slanted Door made with jasmine rice is wonderful.
  10. Candy...sorry...I just read your blog! Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing everything!!!
  11. Candy...would you be willing to share your mango buttercream frosting? Sounds divine! Thanks.
  12. Fabulous...how can you use these??
  13. on NW 21st....Wildwood is great -- lunch or dinner in the Pearl. (approx. NW 13th)..people love Sungari for asian You can walk to the Pearl District from downtown -- about 10 blocks. I actually walk to 21st, but then I am a "walker" there is free transportation from downtown also on the trolley. Many great bars in the Pearl and on 21st and 23rd. Check out www.willametteweek.com for restaurant reviews. Across the river is a place called clarklewis that people also have given raves. Atmosphere is more utilitarian.
  14. Joni

    Dinner for 40

    Next up - a rerun of the sesame noodles from back in May, with stir fried green beans instead of soup to go with. Tammy...am dashing off to a meeting so have not read the entire 5 pages...but can you point me to the sesame noodle recipe..have a party next week for 40 people and doing an Asian theme. Thank yo!!
  15. Teepee & Dejah...many, many thanks..no need to apologize, you were so quick. I have a "Chinese" party I am doing the end of August...and no previous experience with Chinese food ...for about 40 people. So..I might be calling on your expertise! I appreiciate all hints, and thank you both for your quick response!
  16. Teepee..also, the 1 tblspoon of shortening...did you melt the shortening and add to the recipe?
  17. Teepee...what was your filing recipe for your buns? Is it posted somewhere here? Thanks! Am going to make up a huge batch and freeze them for a party next month.
  18. Patrick...what is the lemon syrup and the lemon zest sugar amounts? I don't thnk the CI recipe on egullet had it...many thanks!!
  19. I don't want to steal this post from jgarner53, but I've been drooling ever since I read this post! The other post regarding the passion fruit mousse has also caught my interest. Care to share your recipe? I have an abundant supply of passion fruit so I need a few recipes to test out. ← I would also like to know how to make the passionfruit buttercream...if anyone has an idea. This cake was especially good -- even after being transported on the plane from SF and probably 2 days old!
  20. Sounds fabulous..would you be willing to share your mousse recipe ...I love passionfruit and use the Perfect Puree Passionfruit...thank you!!
  21. I have not read through all the 25 pages yet...but I love the Rhubarb Shortbread in the BWJ book (recipe by Gale Gand).....
  22. Sethro...Fine Cooking Issue #58 has the dough recipe for the ice cream bars.
  23. Fine Cooking had an article and recipes 2 years ago..made them and they were wonderful..
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