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  1. I would like the mango coconut one and the blood orange! Thanks!
  2. Thanks..where do you buy it? I looked on the website, but they do not give locations.
  3. Does anyone have a good recipe? Making petit fours and want to make various colors. thanks.
  4. Patrick...I am in awe on how your caramels turned out and how you wrapped them..did you roll them?
  5. thanks for taking the time to post your recipe...will make them for halloween!
  6. Joni

    Petits Fours

    Robert!! Thank you! I have a pre wedding party to attend that I need to bring the dessert, so that would be timely!
  7. Joni

    Petits Fours

    What is your recipe for frangipane?
  8. Had the most delicious Petit Fours from a bakery in Portland, Oregon (Beaverton Bakery)..a very moist almond cake with strawberry fondant layered in between and the fondant is a white chocolate. The almond cake is very moist and probably 3 small layers inside. Has anyone had success in making these delicious cakes. The small ones are 1.5 inches squared.
  9. Joni

    Key Lime Pie

    Sur La Table sells mini tarts made by Bakehouse which are good...you could just fil them. Ina Garten's recipe for key lime pie is a no bake ...just freeze them and serve
  10. Becca...oh my!! I want it now! What month was the recipe in?? Thanks!
  11. wanting to make coconut marshmallows, but not with toasted coconut on the outside...what if I add cream of coconut while beating the hot syrup mixture..or adding cream of coconut with the gelatin???? Anyone see a problem with either method?
  12. Joni

    Easter Menus

    Any great boneless leg of lamb recipes?
  13. Emily...what black raspberry syrup did you use? Those looked great. Have not tried dipping mine in chocolate yet.
  14. what did you use for flavorings for all these beautiful marshmallows? soursop, mango lime, etc. What brands? Thanks
  15. Jeannecake...please show us some pictures when you do them. They sound very cute!
  16. I'm thinking of simmering a cocoa powder and water solution to drizzle in towards the end of the whip? ←
  17. Melange..what recipe did you use for the Pave! Beautiful..am assuming the cubes are individual serving size....
  18. Kerry...key lime pie is my favorite! I want to just reach in and grab a few.....
  19. just one teaspoon xanthum. used two eggs, but separated them. Added stiff egg whites and folded in. Thanks...
  20. Thanks, Patty...will look forward to receiving the measurements! Joni
  21. Made a banana cake last night...tested it and it was done in the middle...took it out and after about 30 minutes, the middle "fell" and was so much wetter than the sides. Perhaps I should wrap the pan? Too much banana? I did use the xanthum gum powder which the recipe said gave it a finer texture. Thanks for your advice!
  22. Sounds terrific..did you just use a simple syrup to candy them?
  23. Linda...how are you going to make your marshmallows cherry flavored? What product/liquid to give it a good cherry flavor? Thank you!
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