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  1. Please go soon and write a review!! I am planning on going to Pix's Magic Show on 9/29 and need a place for a light bite before !
  2. Is everyone using the RED wrapped Plugra?? They do have a SILVER wrapped -- European style Plugra at Trader Joes. It is double the cost of the Red wrapped Plugra.
  3. Joni


    So...when do you poke them to release steam..when you take them out of the oven?
  4. Frozen key lime pie-- better yet, make them into popsicles -- key lime pie on a stick. Or, if you want a "plated" dessert.-- lemon blueberry trifle.
  5. AT what point do you add the gelatin...after if cools a bit or when it is hot?
  6. Aurora...where is the Lemon Crunch Pound Cake recipe? Sounds great!
  7. My thanks to you also for typing it out! As soon as my cannele molds arrive, I will make them!
  8. Nightscotsman...I looked for the book on Amazon -- yikes! Sounds like a wonderful book but $169??? Would you like to share how different the chocolate ones were from Pierre Herme's recipe? Or, the recipe please???!! They sound wonderful.
  9. Thanks for bringing this topic back. How about practicing the caramel on Costco's cream puffs?
  10. Jim....Ken's Bakery is where I tasted them!! Then I read the recipe from Fleur de Lys in Williams-Sonoma... so I am going to buy the silicone form for canneles from them..that way the "mold" problem of sticking should not be a worry! Now...to get them to taste like Ken's!!
  11. Thought I would push this subject to the top again, as I have just ordered a cannele mold from W-S and a french bakery in Portland is selling cannele. Wonderful little bite size treat that would be fun at parties. So....anyone have any recent experiences, recipes or comments on the Michel Roux?
  12. I have a question: a friend of mine is making gravlax with brandy, I think quite a bit, and she is not refrigerating the gravlax (she got the recipe from a friend who never said anything about putting in the fridge -- so she assumed to leave it on the counter). Question: is the salmon okay to eat? Or should it be ditched now?!!
  13. Nightscotsman...would you be willing to share your marshmellow recipe? Is it with or w.o. egg whites? I am looking to also do a marshmellow with carmel wrapped around it.
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