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  1. if anyone has the conversion from grams to cups in the Homemade Snickers Bar recipe...would be appreciated! Thank you!
  2. thank you! Djyee..you are correct! My "source" finally coughed it up to me today...they are expensive, but nice, especially for gifts.
  3. Someone gave a friend of mine homemade jams in cylinder glass containers (probably about 9 inches tall and 2 inches arcoss) with a flat glass lid...does anyone have a source for these glass cylinder containers? The containers were plain. Thanks!
  4. Here they are my creme de menthe chocolate covered marhsmallows, my husband will be happy ←
  5. if you were going to put marshmallow on top..how soon do you think you could roll it ...3-4 hours?
  6. where do you purchase glucose?
  7. drooling over the butter mints! what recipe did you use??!! thanks!
  8. Has anyway made the marshmallows from Dorie? Was reading the recipe and it is very different from nightscotsman...the one I use. Plus, Dorie, if you can respond..the recipe seems to be missing a sentence on when to fold in the egg whites...I know it is at the end, but does not say specifically. Also, you fold whatever flavoring in at the end, too..different than in nightscotsman. So, looking for reviews!! Thanks.
  9. There is a GREAT gingerbread marshmallow recipe already on egullet on the marshmallow thread...sorry, I am in a rush and cannot post it, but look there. Made with brown sugar Karo syrup..which by the way, I use in the pumpkin one too now.
  10. My cookbook is at home! To make the apple spice bars, do I need both applesauce and apples? Thanks...
  11. We stayed near Asti at Serralunga...or something like that. Darling B&B with great food...
  12. King Arthur Baking Cookbook also tells how to bake frozen scones
  13. Just bought mine from Costco yesterday...and was hoping someone had started a thread on it! Thanks for your reviews so far!
  14. Patrick...what is your home address..will start looking for a place in your neighborhood!!!!!
  15. how does Sax's whipped cream pound cake differ than the Elvis one?
  16. Curly Sue...spectacular!! How did you make the pacifiers??!!!
  17. Patrick...love the idea of a caramel layer on top of brownies! How did you do your caramel...did you make it from Sherry Yard's cookbook?
  18. Joni

    Almond Cake

    I like David Lebovitz's...his is the Chez Painisse or like the Chez Painisse one...
  19. Does the"pine nut crust" make this tart..or could I do an almond crust? And...is this tart better the day it is made or could I make it the night before? Thanks!
  20. If you do start experimenting, can you start with the caramel???!!! And let us know!! They do look fantastic...
  21. Okay...I am confused...do you add the creme of coconut to the Peninsula Cake recipe....how much? And do you eliminate anything else? Wendy..do you change anything in the Ina Garten recipe? I saw one recipe for a cake where they put a syrup of coconut cream/water and brush it on the cake...I thought that might make it more coconutty. If I froze the layers...would I put the syrup on before I froze the layers..or after it has defrosted? Thanks!
  22. Cannot find Shanghai noodles in my city...does anyone know how to make this or know of a recipe? thanks
  23. Ling..what dulche de leche recipe do you use? Your picture is fabulous! Yum...
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