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  1. Some edible oils are available here.
  2. Spence, It's ok to disagree with bourdain. We're all human here.
  3. MatthewB

    Bread on the Grill

    I took Dean's advice & did smaller breads--ovals about 4" by 8". Worked well except that I didn't pay close enough attention & burned the first side. I ate it as is & the SO cut off the burned side. Either way we both enjoyed it. I'll blame the margaritas for my mistake. In any event, I'm going to keep doing this. A minor obsession w/ grilled flatbreads is upon me! (Make an olive oil dipping sauce w/ cracked toasted coriander & cumin seeds plus orange zest and salt & pepper. Good stuff, IMHO.) I might post some pictures on Monday. (I carefully "hid" the burned sides. )
  4. MatthewB

    Bread on the Grill

    Thanks for the feedback. We're going to try this tonight. And, great (no pun intended) pictures!
  5. Just wait until "Total Information Awareness" gets fully ramped up.
  6. Spence, Have you met the eGulleter on the Memphis police force yet?
  7. Given the thread title, I thought the article was going to be about lap dancing.
  8. MatthewB

    Bread on the Grill

    And, of course, Dean, please post what you end up with. I'm sure I'll learn something!
  9. MatthewB

    Bread on the Grill

    Ok, here's what I gleaned from Let the Flames Begin. Schesinger & Willoughby offer many variations but here's the essentials . . . This would be a grilled flatbread. Multi-level (banked) fire in the grill. Ready to go when highest spot of coals are medium (about 4 to 5 count w/ hand 5 inches above grate). Stretch dough into rough circle or rectangle about 1/8 inch thick & 10 inches across. Grill about 4 minutes & then flip for 3 to 4 minutes more. They note that the 1/8 inch thickness is crucial as more than that would probably result in burned crust but uncooked middle. Any thinner & you'll have a droopy mess. Doing it properly, you will have some charred spots on the crust, etc. They also have some interesting "flavored olive oils" for dipping.
  10. MatthewB

    Bread on the Grill

    I'm going to try bread on the grill for the first time tomorrow night. I'm going to work from the section in Let the Flames Begin. Shall I go take a look at it & let you know if there are any (apparently) useful tips?
  11. Do you have a death wish? Death wish? I've been opening bottles w/ a Bic for 20 years. Never had a problem.
  12. I'm not a meanie. I'm an ass-hat.
  13. Anyone here that actually opens bottles with a lighter?
  14. Buy chips & make your own dips . . . Guacamole Salsa Roasted red bell pepper dip
  15. No apologies required. Just ply me with good wine at Dean's in July.
  16. MatthewB

    J. Lohr

    Doesn't Lohr has some form of relationship w/ Stag's Leap?
  17. Actually, I know several people who would most definitely appreciate this information. Need more info? And where are these other people on eGullet? It's so lonely over here.
  18. Please add it with or without more specific directions.
  19. MatthewB


    Straight up. Perhaps lightly iced. Lemon twist. And then there's the Vesper from Ian Fleming's Casino Royale (1953), chapter 7:
  20. It's worth having a few "cheats" around, too. Especially when unexpected guests arrive . . . Olives Roasted red peppers (jarred or can your own) Cornichons (jarred) Cheeses Salamis If you're up for a book, check out Marlena Spieler's From Pantry to Table: Creative Cooking from the Well-Stocked Kitchen.
  21. Off the top of my head . . . (Hopefully, others will fill in the gaps) Butter EVVO Salt (kosher & sea) Eggs Onions Scallions Potatoes Noodles Rice Anchovies--canned or jarred Garlic (fresh) Ginger (fresh) Shallots Beans (dried & canned) Mustards Vinegars Soy sauce Some fresh veggies (bell peppers, broccoli, etc.)
  22. i think a lot of things changed btwn 6 and 28. can't pinpoint any particulars at this time, however. Might not have been the water then.
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