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  1. FWIW, the article that I was thinking of earlier--concerning recipes & plagiarism-- is "Quizzing Glasse: On Hannah Scrutinized" by Jennifer Stead (reprinted in Davidson (ed.), The Wilder Shore of Gastronomy; originally in Petits Propos Culinaires 13 & 14).
  2. And plagiarism will only become a bigger problem & yet a more murky problem due to digital texts as opposed to printed texts. (In fact, plagiarism is specifically a historical result of printed culture. There is no such concept in oral traditions.) Imagine teaching today & always wondering where a student paper comes from. Edit: bad grammar
  3. I keep the Eden Organic "Shoyu Sauce" on hand.
  4. I have seen them from other instrument companies. You are right they cost a lot and have other drawbacks. Like having to install the antenna in the oven, a 28V power supply. $428.00 for the basic set with three probes. wht, good info. Any links or more info on such products? Last night, while cooking dinner, I was thinking about this thread. I wonder how they keep the transmitter electronics from overheating? 500*F oven & electronics?
  5. MatthewB


    A meal with Uma Thurman.
  6. Yup. Or think of those big pencils we had in kindergarten. I never get more than that. But as I said lemongrass is inexpensive here. About 6 stalks for 75 cents. Edit: the *lead* in those big pencils, not the pencils.
  7. Slow is the international magazine of Slow Food. Published seven times a year. Here's the link for Slow Food USA.
  8. MatthewB


    Suggest that on the current El Bulli thread.
  9. Not sure if anyone has posted previously on this . . . The latest issue of Slow is mostly about Philadephia & food. Nine articles. Worth checking out.
  10. mamster, I'd be interested if others have the same issue with lemongrass. The lemongrass I get from an Asian grocery here has a soft inner core that is about twice the size of a standard pencil lead. It's very soft with little to no fiber. About three stalks yield about 2-3 tablespoons of minced lemongrass. And, don't think I'm picking on you, mamster. I always read & enjoy your articles. I'm just shy about adoration.
  11. Didn't Petits Propos Culinaires have an article or two comparing Beeton, etc. on recipes? Or was that the Hesses? Surely that's a starting point for plagiarism & recipes.
  12. I don't think one exists. If anyone made them, I'm sure that Fluke would, but I couldn't find one. I assume that it would be hard for the wireless signal to go through oven doors & smoker covers, etc. Of course, it could be done, but it would probably be cost-prohibitive for a consumer product. Edit: grammar
  13. Good points, slkinsey. We could keep going back & forth on this, but I've a rare porterhouse to eat & a martini that will lose its chill soon. See ya on other threads! Shalom. Edit: grammar
  14. mamster, I just peel the fibrous outer leaves off. You're left with the soft inner core. Then slice & dice. Lemongrass is inexpensive when purchased from an Asian grocery. (At least, it inexpensive where I purchase it.)
  15. MatthewB

    Dinner! 2003

    If it makes ya feel any better, I was really really lazy last night . . . Monday Night Fish sticks (the frozen kind popped into the oven for 20 minutes) Tartar sauce (Ate off the baking sheet.) But please don't tell anyone, Nero.
  16. Thanks for the response, slkinsey. I'll make just one last comment on this & go back to food! My primary concern regarding secondhand smoke & public policy is that said policy should *not* be driven by "science" that is still inconclusive. From what I can tell, the actual risk of secondhand smoke on non-smokers is very much in dispute among epidemiologists. For instance, here's a recent article. Perhaps I'm cynical but I'm increasingly viewing this issue as ultimately a war for money, not health. Again, whose nicotine delivery system will prevail? I think the answer is obvious--the pharmaceutical companies will win & thus enjoy a long run in a very lucrative market. I'm not much of one for slippery slope arguments, but I'll trot one out anyway. If this type of "science" continues to influence public policy where will food be in, say, twenty years? Will ConAgra ignore the potential profits that they would reap if they engendered the lessons laid bare by the pharmaceutical companies creation of new nicotine delivery systems? Bah! I'm going to go eat a porterhouse, drink a martini, & . . .
  17. Then gimlets are not made with vodka!
  18. Now I can get there. For others, it's "Mobile Drinkboy." If you've a PDA, grab it. Impress your friends & bartenders!
  19. Welcome to eGullet, Robert. BTW, I'm still carrying your PocketPC drink list with me. It's come in handy a few times when I've encountered a curious & not-so-busy bartender. (I've received more than my share of free drinks that way!) Are you still keeping that up-to-date? (I can't get to your site right now. "Bad request" error.) Cheers!
  20. I would guess that the majority are made with blended whikey. Another reason to always call your liquor. "Yes. I'd like a Maker's Mark Perfect Manhattan on the rocks w/ a cherry, please." (Of course, prefaced by, "What brand of vermouth do you have?")
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