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  1. Word. Sapphire was concocted by Stoli USA as a way to market "gin" to vodka drinkers. Nuff said.
  2. Well its also incredibly, earsplittingly NOISY inside and around any Cheesecake Factory. The actual amount of conversation will vary, depending on how well you read lips and your tolerance against migraine headaches. I was unclear. I meant if someone were to try to talk me into going to a CF so we can wait & talk for three hours, my response would be, "I don't feel like talking to you for 3 hours. I'm going home to grill. Stop by if you'd like but pick up beer on the way."
  3. I bring my own unbalance to the situation. Actually, when travelling alone, I almost always eat at the bar. I can try a couple of apps, talk w/ the staff, & if I decide to stay & eat dinner, I'm always allowed to order from the dining room menu (if there are two or more menus.)
  4. It's the puppy avatar that melts your heart & allows me so much leeway, isn't it?
  5. That would probably be my next choice after BA. Seems like BA has a lot more recipe ideas for the buck...but the food styling is very nice in Saveur. You said just one, so forgive me. If I could only get two monthlies, it would be Saveur plus Food & Wine. I'll shut up now. (At least on this thread.)
  6. Its actually Saveur. You must not really get it. Busted. Hehe. I love it, awbrig. I follow you around for a bit, bust yer chops, & you get me back!
  7. Saveur. Edit: one word post & I misspelled it.
  8. That wasn't torture. I seriously wondered if Anchor Steam was brewing elsewhere. I don't read the labels that closely.
  9. Huh? No, I said it was from San Fran... I like Anchor Steam, too. I just always thought it was *only* from SF. You're confusin' me, awbrig.
  10. Anchor Steam has non-SF beer?
  11. Here are a couple of "Lost Recipes" that I'm going to try soon . . . One Two
  12. MatthewB


    tommy, this isn't the bloody mary thread.
  13. MatthewB


    Salt. (Judy Rodgers won me over on this.)
  14. MatthewB

    whole pigs

    That's the ringtone for the Basement Jaxx remix of "4 My People." You don't get the CTWL reference?
  15. MatthewB

    whole pigs

    You're a The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, & Her Lover fan, too?
  16. Broiled a porterhouse while a bit under the influence last night. Thankfully I had two-day old mojo in the fridge for dipping.
  17. We have the helping Kate stay away from OG thread.
  18. Sure I know I don't need a lot, but I mean, I can't even make good grilled chicken with what I have. My wall mounted spice rack is sitting on top of my microwave because the nails won't stay in the wall. I have one area big enough for a cutting board and the rest of my counter space is covered by a microwave, blender, toaster and dish drying rack. The first time I used the oven, I turned it on to preheat, and the smoke alarm went off I love to cook, but I get so frustrated in these tiny apartment kitchens. That's why settling for Olive Garden doesn't seem so bad Okie dokie. I'll start a new thread. Jin, will you assist in helping Kate?
  19. I dunno, I don't have many appliances or ingredients in my postage stamp kitchen Let alone room to keep them. You don't appliances to produce good food at home. You don't need a fully-stocked pantry to cook at home. Kate, shall we make a project out of you?
  20. I have a hunch that you can produce better food at home than what you'll get at the Olive Garden.
  21. On a less cranky note . . . I'd find Chinatown, check out the spots off the main boulevard & eat with the locals.
  22. Depending on the city, those may be your best bets. Agreed. At that point I'd head to the gas station & pick up peanuts and beer.
  23. With that criteria, you're going to end up at the Olive Garden or the Cheesecake Factory.
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