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  1. Again, it's relative. In Eric's world, only culinary school grads are entitled to call themselves chef. Note that we're drifting into solipsism.
  2. And again . . . As I said earlier . . .
  3. Has anyone actually encountered a person who cooks at McDonald's that refers to themselves as a "chef"? Or is this example a red herring?
  4. Depends on whose kitchen it is. The legitimization of an individual's use of the title of "chef" is based on said title being conferred by their community. So, it all depends on the community. In other words, it's relative.
  5. Kate, Have you browsed The Ethnic Grocer?
  6. Then you've excluded raw food from the realm of chefdom.
  7. Just a quick one before I commence banging my head against the brick wall next to me . . . Isn't the transfer of heat to edible food products known as "cooking" rather than "chefing"?
  8. Barbara Tropp's The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking.
  9. Stone, If we came to universal agreement on the legitimate use of the title "chef," what difference would it make?
  10. This is how I see it. Which takes me once again to: comparing the use of titles in regulated licensed professions (as to the use of said title) to the use of titles in unregulated unlicensed professions (as to the use of said title) is about as productive as asking how many angels fit on the head of a pin.
  11. Ummmmm. They are regulated in their use of the title. They are regulated in the sense that they need to get the education to use the title, but once they have the education they have the title. Ummmm. So you believe it's legal to use the title & practice under the title without being licensed?
  12. Ummmmm. They are regulated in their use of the title.
  13. Once again, go to Texas, print up business cards calling yourself a "food engineer," & do all the other stuff. The title of "engineer" is regulated. The title of "chef" is NOT regulated. Philology will not solve this.
  14. Let me make my point another way . . . Some professions--for instance, law & medicine & engineering--are regulated in such a way that the use of a title is regulated. A "chef" is not in this situation. To compare the use of "chef" to the use of "doctor" or "lawyer" or "engineer" is bound for failure.
  15. Let's leave engineers out of this. Please stick with the muff magnet analogy.
  16. Call yourself an engineer in Texas & if you're not licensed . . . watch out!
  17. Perhaps we need to think analogically . . . If I call myself a muff magnet, does that make me a muff magnet? Further, would I want a regulated profession that would determine whether or not I could legitimately refer to myself as a muff magnet?
  18. As noted in the NY Post . . . Some people should not attempt to create menus whilst drinking.
  19. God, what a collossal waste of time that would be...I know where he works.... I think Stone meant a procedure whereby Keller could sit down again. Haven't you ever wondered why the guy is always on his feet?
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