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  1. Hard boiled eggs dipped in z'houg, a couple plucots, and some of claire's Laudable Lardsnaps. Oh, and iced tea with fresh mint sprigs.
  2. Sandra Pinckney is white, C/W, just like Bobby Rivers. What's wrong wit 'choo??!? Sandra also sez "chih-pole-tay" chile -- but then, she's not alone. Gotcha Xan. They've been fist dunked into the racial sterilizing tank along with their broadcasting cross-profession magnate Al "couldn't possibly be related to Roxy" Roker. I think somebody at the network watched The Stepford Wives too many times. Don't get me started on Al, C/W; he has legions of fans, I know, but I simply do not "get" him!! I want S-O-U-L, not Barry Manilow!!!! As to "Lighten Up," the atrocity that is "Date Plate," "Food Fight" . . . words fail me.
  3. Matthew, We appreciate the opportunity to "get the inside scoop" from you; your perspective, experience, and knowledge will certainly help to clarify many of the questions/issues we bandy about here. Can you pinpoint a pivotal moment when Food TV programming began to dumb down? What drove the decision to produce shows such as "The Best Of," "Unwrapped," and "The Top 5"?? Why have some of the true culinary professionals been replaced with, for lack of a better term, food phonies? Is there hope for The Food Network??? Thank you for your participation and time.
  4. Once, when I first began using canola oil, I jettisoned almost an entire bottle because I thought it had turned rancid (fishy taste). I soon learned The Truth. The supertaster thread was interesting, no? Salty, sweet, bitter, acid . . .
  5. How sweetly romantic, snowangel. SIGH . . .
  6. The author accumulated recipes from 'men of distinction,' including the president at the time, JFK. He contributed waffles. J Edgar Hoover contributed popovers. Many captains of industry, governors, nuclear scientists, supreme court justices, arctic explorers... a bit surreal. Totally stereotypical Leave It to Beaver type cuisine. How did you come by this, er, "unique" period piece?? J. Edgar Hoover's Popovers -- the mind boggles.
  7. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Both dinners sound sublime, paul o' (do you mind if I call you that?); I think it's terrific that you're cooking your way through Keller's book. Your family is certainly lucky to be the recipients of your admirable undertaking! Speaking of which, I can only imagine creamed corn done the French Laundry way. My mother made "corn pudding" frequently during my childhood -- quite different than Keller's version I'm sure. I'm out of Wheaties at the moment, but I do have a box of Grape Nuts in the cupboard . . . What's the name of your cousin's private label?
  8. Let's hear it for lard fries!! Thanks for reporting back, claire. What you described as the "fuller, rounded flavor" and "subtle bacony note" is exactly how I remember the fries in Iowa. In fact, we asked if the fries had been done in bacon fat because of the slight bacon undertone; that's when we were told the restaurant used lard. So you've confirmed the whole experience for me. And elyse is right: canola oil does impart a fishy taste to things. I use it only when absolutely necessary, and even then, reluctantly.
  9. Sandra Pinckney is white, C/W, just like Bobby Rivers. What's wrong wit 'choo??!? Sandra also sez "chih-pole-tay" chile -- but then, she's not alone.
  10. No pajamas, Cat??!? Then you'd feel right at home on Chef/Writer Spencer's bio thread, where he's talking about drunken orgies . . .
  11. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Which of these did you end up doing?? I'm with you on the overly-marketed "game" hens, however, morels can certainly cover a multitude of sins! Gotta love those fungi . . . Shameless plug aside ( ), Jekel is a damn fine winery.
  12. You know, claire, I "automatically" dabbed the tops of the snaps in crystallized sugar; my former favorite recipe, Ginger-Molasses Crinkles, called for doing the same. Anxious to hear the "Lard Fry Night" report! KNorthrup, meant to tell you I'm sorry about the Duck's loss . . . And fifi, thanks for detailing the stovetop lard method, which sounds better than rendering in the oven. More "lard variety," as it were. This site is unbelievably, totally informative!!
  13. I believe it's Calvin Trillin who recommends asking a local, Joe-on-the-street type, but with the following caveat (paraphrased, of course): "Where's a good place to eat around here? And not where you took your Aunt Millie the last time she was in town , but where you took your best buddy when he got back from Nam/Bosnia/the Gulf!!" It's worked for me . . .
  14. Congratulations Snowangel. We also celebrate our 22nd on 6 June. Socrates and I celebrated our 22nd on April 13, and we look forward to at least 22 more! And I'll add my congratulations, too, snowangel. Have a blissful celebration . . .
  15. Rant all you want, ChocoKitty -- you're preaching to the choir as far as I'm concerned!! Life's too precious to patronize restaurant chains.; fortunately, Socrates is of the same opinion. Of course, good food was one of the things that initially drew us together all those years ago.
  16. zilla, we're waiting . . . Hey, sometimes it translates into going forever and you eventually have to just agree to stop and get some sleep. Man, "agreeing to stop" is a waste of breath. Just fall asleep during. Next time, i'm going to try the sack of flour and leave the boy in the kitchen. That's what I've been waiting to hear!!! Unbleached white, or whole wheat pastry??
  17. Archie: You have never lived until you've had a battered, deep-fried Peppermint Patty! Sorry, Lily. Next time I'll ask for the recipe before jumping to conclusions. (Better than a deep-fried Mars Bar? Really?) You ain't had nothin' 'til you've had a deep-fried chocolate covered Pay Day!! Trust me . . .
  18. Let me add my kudos, Mr. Varmint! We here at Hemlock House salute you!! Keep fightin' the good fight . . . and enjoy your weekend.
  19. Yep, I either render my own lard or purchase it from a trusted butcher at a local Hispanic mercado. Fifi's so right about the reason store-bought lard is bad, bad, bad. I've never tried the Zarela Martinez method; I use the one recommended by Rick Bayless. How does Zarela say to do it? NOW, following is my report on Claire's Laudable Lardsnaps: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought my recipe for ginger molasses cookies was good. Hah!! These are absolutely, far-and-away superior. I used the full amount of cayenne, which wasn't a problem at all; and the texture was indeed sublime. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe, claire. Now I'm envisioning "grown up" ice cream sandwiches: homemade lemon ice cream between two lardsnaps. What do you all think??
  20. Xanthippe


    I'm totally there!! Damn, the idea of that jelly donut ice cream is starting to obsess me!!!!!
  21. Xanthippe


    Yes!! Couldn't have said it better myself, elyse. I always ask for, and usually get, a "side" of extra olives when I order cocktails . . .
  22. Xanthippe

    TDG: Hot Lover

    Can't answer for Nina, but I know what I think -- yes, those folks are nuts!!
  23. That is so funny! Funny and true!! Quintessential Iowa . . . Lardsnaps! Isn't that great? I think claire should change the name of the recipe to "Laudable Lardsnaps"!
  24. Oops! The finished dough, containing the full amount of cayenne, has been chilling in the fridge for a couple hours now. I was just about to bake the cookies. Guess they'll be really "snappy" lardsnaps!
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