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  1. Errr... because it's the Food Network? I suppose you're right, elyse, but Bobby Rivers is still egregiously offensive. I don't believe the man has much, if anything, resembling "soul," as in that git-down-git-funky wonderfulness one finds in a B.B. King guitar solo -- or a big 'ol bowl of ham hock-infused braised greens.
  2. Okay, okay -- I retract my recommendation of the cheap vodka!! I stand humbly corrected, although I do suppose one could use Burnett's as a "practice" bottle. Yes? Blood orange is still a favorite . . .
  3. BBQ is one of my favorite foods, and Texas style is the gold standard for me! The best Texas style 'que in this neck of the woods is Flint's, with three locations in Oakland. Flint's is justly famous for its sauce, which is served on the side and comes in mild, medium, and hot versions. The sauce is definitely not sickly sweet; it tastes ketchup-based, but is quite complex and layered with flavors. Closer to home, Central Texas BBQ in Castroville, Artichoke Capitol of the World, has condiment bottles of yellow mustard, a vinegary sauce, and a Louisiana hot sauce at each table. Thanks for sharing the recipe, malachi! You ought to add it to the archive.
  4. When I read your initial description of the cake, I pretty much figured the recipe would be similar to mincemeat -- which I happen to love. Turns out I was right (she sez proudly yet modestly!). Don't be frightened, elyse; we won't let the big ol' scary pork cake get you!! But you might want to look under your bed before retiring this evening . . .
  5. If you've access to a Trader Joe's, pick up a fifth of Burnett's vodka; at $4.99 a bottle, I'd say it's a fine contender for infusion. Citrus vodkas are always pleasant in hot weather, and blood orange is a personal favorite.
  6. Whatever or whoever . . . I'm making it tomorrow. Thanks, 'brig and Her Czarness!!
  7. i made a lovely cranberry/white-cornmeal bread the other day for the B&B guests. Yummy, and not too sweet to keep them from ordering my wafles and/or bourbon french toast. Okay, so now I want you to post two recipes, zilla369: banana gingerbread and this one. Pixelchef, add me to the list of eGulletarians for whom this thread is TROUBLE.
  8. Was the ratatouille (your spelling is correct) actually on the burger, Varmint, or served alongside?? Either way, your dinner sounds good!
  9. Count me in as another who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone else who's been to Woodward's Garden and spoke very highly of it. I've long wanted to go . . .
  10. Will you throw in a mess o' pork skin with those ribs?!? Now, that's motivation of the most holy sort!! And the Varmint said "pig pickin" -- and the word was good.
  11. waiting with bated breath awbby baby As am I. So where's the recipe??!? Now all I can think of is bacon and caramelized onions . . . So post the recipe, already, 'brig!
  12. That sounds way too good. I'm tellin' ya, dude -- it is!! I think I've got to have another piece . . .
  13. A slice of claire797's bacon/chipotle cornbread, split, toasted, buttered and thickly spread with Adam's crunchy peanut butter. Beverage: a large glass of unsweetend iced tea with two plump wedges of Meyer lemon.
  14. Aw shucks, Mr. Varmint, sir -- I'm immensely flattered by your suggestion! You know I'd move to North Cackalacky in a New York second if it were possible; I love that neck of the woods sumpin' fierce! That said, and at the risk of sounding like a dad-gummed motivational poster: You really are approaching this weight loss program in the best, most "adult" way possible. Of course you can't deprive yourself of the foods you love, nor should you; that half piece of caramel cheesecake (or nerissa's second slice of Maggie's Lemon Curd Tart With Blackberries) should be an incentive, not a "cheat" as some would have it. If you say you'll never, ever have "bad" food again and will only eat mashed yeast, tofu and lentil sprouts, you'll eventually fall off the wagon. And you'll fall very, very far . . . Keep on doing what you're doing. Ten pounds -- you go!
  15. Xanthippe


    Okay, I'll bite! Gotta try this, and soon.
  16. Good luck at the weigh-in, Varmint! About that delicious-sounding pasta: Why would Mrs. Varmint not eat it? Too much garlic? The picholine olives? The anchovies, perhaps, or the hot red pepper flakes?? And you needn't rationalize that half piece of cheesecake, because you made a choice not to have a whole piece -- nor did you have two beers. Good for you.
  17. And Xanthippe is still actively considering a cross-country trek in order to attend what promises to be one hell of a shindig! S'kat: Garlic, schmarlic -- I'd go for the pig pickin' any old time!!
  18. Xanthippe


    Thank, fifi! I picked up some jalapenos at the farmers' market yesterday, in anticipation of making your recipe; looking forward to trying it.
  19. Yep, you do -- which is why I knew you could enlighten us w.r.t. breeds and eggshell color! Thanks for all the information, sparrow.
  20. Thank you, Tom -- I do appreciate your response. Yes, a meal at Zuni is indeed worth saving time for, and Judy Rogers' cookbook is as unique and compelling as the restaurant. As to West Coast food shopping, it really is one of the great pleasures of living here. Berkeley Bowl is, of course, alone in its class; our local farmers' markets also offer a wealth of produce and ingredients not to be found in many other venues. Again, thanks.
  21. Much better now, Varmint, thanks!! And as hjshorter sez, "don't sweat the cookie dough ice cream" one little bit. Life's too short . . .
  22. Waiting impatiently... As am I, although Xanthippe isn't known for her patience (just ask Socrates!!) . . . So git on with it, Varmint!!!!!
  23. Tom, As a Bay Area resident and longtime San Francisco Chronicle reader, I must tell you how much I enjoyed your restaurant reviews and food articles during your stint with the paper. Your direct style, your intelligent approach and lack of pretension made for an appealing combination. Frankly, that level of erudite culinary writing seems to have gone missing since your departure. Since many of us miss you, might I ask: What, if anything, do you miss about this part of the world? In the ongoing "dueling coasts" debate, how would you characterize the "selling points" here versus those of the east coast?? Thank you for your time and participation. Pamela
  24. Xanthippe


    Could you post that recipe? Sounds delicious. A good friend of ours makes pickled peaches. They're wonderful. Jalapenos done the real Mexican way are indeed wonderful; serranos can be prepared in the same manner. Ohhhh, the mention of pickled peaches evokes memories of my childhood! They're scarce as hen's teeth these days, at least where I live.
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