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  1. I like vortexes (vorteces?) Whatever. . . . then you'll love Ethnic Grocer.
  2. Did you see that idiotic display on Iron Chef? Even copious quantities of drugs would not excuse or explain that behavior. Pure Hollywood and thus... no Chef for you. If possible, I was perhaps more outraged by/contemptuous of Flay's behavior than Morimoto-San. Cutting board abuse should be punishable by demotion; no Chef for Bobby sez malachi -- and I'm in agreement!
  3. Hey, Nathan, welcome to eGullet! You're more than a little familiar with this area, so may I assume you're a local?? KNorthrup, I second Nathan's recommendations of El Paisano and Bella Napoli. Both consistently good. As to lunch along Highway 1, your parents simply must stop in at Durarte's Tavern in Pescadero. The place is legendary, still owned and run by the Duarte family, and it won a James Beard award this year (in a category the name of which escapes me at the moment -- perhaps best road food in California??!? ). Anyhow, the food really is delicious-down-home awesome. Your folks should try the creamy artichoke and/or the creamy green chile soup (I always get a bowl of half-and-half), any of the fresh fish specials, and the homemade pies. Olallieberries are in season now; a slice of warm olallieberry pie a la mode is truly an ethereal way to end a meal.
  4. I recall that exact same facial expression from my first marriage. Jaymes, you made my day!!!!! And I agree with Stone: we all love you, so please post more!!
  5. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Hey, laurel, what's CSA?
  6. It is wonderful, Heather; I'm close to being hooked on the stuff! What wasn't to like about your pasta dish? Too bland, one-dimensional, what?? It sounds good to me . . .
  7. Xanthippe - As soon as I can figure out how to work this scanner, I'll email you some fry bread (and the enchiladas are all gone, sorry) I'm on the edge of my seat anticipating the fry bread, mcdowell . . . Phooey on the vanishing enchiladas!
  8. Thanks--I'll look into it If you go there, you'll never come out. Ethnic Grocer is a vortex . . .
  9. "Waiter baiting" makes me insane, particularly if the cretin doing the baiting is a member of our party. That person will never, ever join us again. Once, many years ago during a fashion show/charity lunch, a woman at our table asked that her slice of chocolate chip cake be returned to the kitchen and the chips removed! I was so livid I couldn't finish my own piece of cake (which was quite tasty, incidentally). It's supposed to be about conviviality . . . KatieLoeb, the infamous Mayan Whore consists of tequila, pineapple juice, soda water, and Kahlua in a Pousse Cafe glass.
  10. That soup is truly awesome. I make it, and variants thereof, on a regular basis in hot weather. Try creme fraiche instead of sour cream next time, mcdowell. Nice.
  11. Two slices Herb Garden bread, toasted and buttered. One topped with sourwood honey, the other with rosemary honey. Good, but I'd rather have mcdowell's enchiladas -- or his fry bread!
  12. Way to go, Mr. Varmint! You are totally going about this with the right attitude and a refreshingly realistic approach. We're with you . . .
  13. Wow, if this thing works (never seen one, either), I want one. For starters, I could've used it the other evening to prepare our Mayan Whores; the cocktails did not layer up, and thus the resulting drink(s) was inferior. Tasted okay, but looked atrocious.
  14. Disagree. Perhaps when finely minced or pureed the flavour profiles are the same. But the texture of loose chopped curly parsley is manky. And the stems seem more bitter and drier than flat leaf. I'm with you on this, Jin. Sorry, C/W and Maggie! But I still adore all of you . . .
  15. One more suggestion: Hummus and pita chips is always a crowd-pleaser, plus it's quick-and-dirty easy to put together; of late, I've been making a chipotle hummus variant that folks gobble up like crazy. And in addition to the pita chips, I will also set out tortilla chips.
  16. What elyse said, Bill. And take heart in the fact that you're starting up again in spring/summer; much more food variety to choose from, plus the abundance of fresh produce now coming into season. Vastly easier to maintain a healthy eating plan now than in the dead of winter. Keep at it -- you can do it!
  17. Smoked ribs + smoked pork shoulder + Lionel = Pre-lunch snack: several small plucots and a handful of black pepper cashews
  18. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Sounds like what we called The Saturday Night Special when I was a child! All except the lemon sorbet, of course; we didn't know from sorbet back in "those days."
  19. It's the "Sticky & Smoky Show"!!!
  20. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Another tempting description, paul 'o. Nice. And the added bonus of a fresh herb and lemon room vaporizer! Beurre blanc is to sauces what morels are to fungi: both make most anything taste better. I'm sure your fish, whether it be salmon, grouper or Med. sea bass, will be lovely. Hope you can get your hands on those blood oranges . . .
  21. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Xanthippe - the whole menu sounds really good, but I have a question: Was this chorizo made out of salmon? Or salmon w/ chorizo? Hey, mcdowell! Thanks for the compliment, and the chorizo was made with salmon. Perhaps I should have described it as "salmon with chorizo spicing," or a variant thereof.
  22. Believe me, I've got my own share of embarrassing stories (as does Socrates) from my callow youth. And you're so right about the impermanence of such tales told over a meal -- particularly when accompanied by liberal amounts of potent potables! That said, the lure of fry bread and margaritas is irresistible . . .
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