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  1. The only reason I didn't have to look it up is because I'm a crossword fanatic, and it's a fairly common clue or answer in the puzzles. Cheese, lettuce, and tomato are pretty much Americanized taco condiments (with the exception of some cheeses); radishes, onions, cilantro, and lime are typically Mexican. Doesn't it though??!? Got some French Breakfast and little Black Plum radishes at the farmers' market this afternoon, and I have fresh Cypress Grove chevre in the fridge -- it's time for tea!
  2. Ditto the peanut butter. But I'm actually confused (hardly unusual for me!): Are we talking chocolate bread as in pain du chocolate, or a chocolate quick bread??
  3. A well-made Bloody Mary is a thing of true, picante beauty. Since I've discovered a lower sodium version of V-8, I indulge often. Hot sauce of choice: Bufalo brand chipotle from Mexico.
  4. you mean yours are still asleep at 5:00am? why can't I get my 3 little ones to sleep past 5:30?! I'm getting tired just thinking about it! How does Tony Randall survive??
  5. You never know - there are lots of people who don't eat pork, and not just Jews. And there are lots of Jews who don't keep strictly kosher (and would eat cookies in the office) but definitely won't eat pork (e.g. me) If I had eaten one of those cookies and you hadn't mentioned the lard, I would be really unhappy with you. Morale of the story: always mention ingredients people might have a problem with, unless you know (for sure). - S Fish, Again, had my co-workers (all 3 of them!) been vegans or Kosher, I would have mentioned it right away. That said, I would have no problem whatsoever putting any leftover cookies in the break room for anyone wandering by who was hungry for cookies. And NO! I would not put a sign saying "Warning: Cookies contain lard." I believe that if you are trying to follow any sort of special diet, especially a kosher or vegan diet, then it is your responsibility to ask if the cookies have any sort of things you might not want. For instance, if I were a vegan I might say this: "Wow! Thanks for bringing cookies. I'd love to try one, but as you know I don't eat butter, eggs or milk. Are those vegan cookies? No? Well, thanks anyway." If I were trying to keep Kosher I might say this: "Wow! Thanks for bringing cookies. I'd love to try one, but as you know I don't eat anything unless it comes from a Kosher kitchen. Is your kitchen Kosher? No? Well, thanks anyway." I guess what you're saying is that you (an, um "sort of" kosher) would not expect an innocent ginger cookie to be made with pork fat. Here's a script for you: "Wow! Thanks for bringing cookies! Some chick on this food website I frequent made cookies with lard. I don't eat anything with lard since I avoid pork. I'm sure your cookies don't have lard, so I'm going to enjoy one. Thanks! At that point, your co-workers script might be. "Wow! What sort of demented person would cook with lard? Of course my cookies are made with Duncan Hines's finest cookie mix. Please help yourself." At which point you could eat a cookie and lay any blame for your dietary indiscretions on either Duncan Hines (whose ingredients you didn't bother to question because no one could understand what they actually were) or your evil, horrible co-worker who tempted you with cookies. Brilliant, claire797! You go!!! And I've been meaning to ask: Is the cutie-pie avatar your daughter??
  6. Even pink bubble gum ice cream??!? Did I mention that elsewhere? You're right. Not ANY kind.... Whew! Thank you for reassuring me!!
  7. You don't get chocolate bread, or Balthazar's chocolate bread??
  8. Hey, we do that as well -- except we add "between the sheets" to the fortune!
  9. Where do you find the wasabi peas, s'kat? I'm all for more wasabi-goodness!!! And do report back on the savina-laced nuts after tonight's BBQ . . .
  10. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Jin, your dinners appear to be quintessential perfection but for one flaw: you don't serve dessert! I know you have no use for sweets, but for me, a dinner without dessert is like a, um, er . . . dinner without dessert!! No chicken breasts. Steak. And dessert.
  11. Even pink bubble gum ice cream??!?
  12. A small dish of lemon-and-oregano-seasoned tuna mousse (just prepared it for dinner, which is still several hours hence), a half-dozen crostini, and a glass of iced, filtered water with Meyer lemon.
  13. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Thanks for clarifying. Orange semolina cake, here I come!! Oh, and I promise, on my honor as a former Girl Scout, not to tell a soul that you didn't use EVOO in your olive oil cake . . .
  14. I'm not an expert, but I do make my own lard (mostly for use when I make tortillas.) The stuff in the store is awful. It's fairly simple to make, but takes some time. The main thing is to start with leaf fat. The new Joy of Cooking has a good piece on making lard that will get you started (p. 1069.) Also, I just found this article after doing a Google search and it explains things about the same as I make lard. "EasyFunSchool" (the site) has a better explanation than the other sites I looked at. I use a cast iron kettle and the hardest part is getting the first bit of fat to melt. After that melts and gets hot just keep adding more without trying to push things too much. Yep, nix the store-bought stuff and either make your own, which I've done, or purchase it from an accomodating butcher. We have many Hispanic mercados in these parts, and I've never had a problem getting quality manteca from these establishments. Good lard is essential for authentic refried beans, and does wonders for a pot of Mexican cowboy beans. I've used it in cornbread, as well. claire797, those gingersnaps sound great. I wouldn't hesitate to eat 'em!
  15. It appears pixelchef wants most everything!! That's what happens when a growing boy gets hungry!
  16. love texas pete also!!! the best I order this stuff four bottles at a time (we can't get it out here), so I'll always have a couple extras on hand when the revolution comes. Texas Pete rocks!
  17. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Thanks, torakris. Both cakes sound terrific, and the citrus flavors would be perfect in this hot weather. Would you recommend one over the other?
  18. A dish of Pietmontese tajarin with rosemary butter. Or made-right-there-on-the-beach-with-the-most-recent-catch Baja fish tacos. I'd be happy with either one right now . . .
  19. Chaste sprinkling of powdered sugar, perhaps? Who needs frosting?? You've got pork!
  20. Yes, yes, yes! I can chomp my way through an entire bag in no time flat . . .
  21. For pity's sake, no wonder my mama can't make the mustard sauce!! Well, DUH !!!!! My apologies aussi. You'd think my mama would've raised me up better . . .
  22. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    What was the first cake you made using olive oil, torakris? Goose-or-duck-fat roasted potatoes are the best!
  23. Sorry, elyse, I should have clarified that my observation about Rivers' lack of soulfulness is just that -- an observation. I doubt even the cluess FTV execs would try to pass him off as soul!! Hope the pain in your chest is gone now . . .
  24. That confounded NC mustard sauce is an illusive one to replicate; even my born-in-Virginia-raised-in-North-Carolina mama can't do it! You know, you're not the first person to recommend Memphis Minnie's, but I'm so enamored of Flint's that I've not followed up on the suggestion. Perhaps this is the time to live dangerously . . .
  25. A dish of Non-Tradional Trifle from last night's dinner, and a cooling glass of Moroccan Mint iced tea.
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