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  1. Thanks, all. I'm talking about the stems above the (single) bulb. They looked and tasted much like green onions. I thought they could be eaten, but when I couldn't find any recipes I started to wonder. Ah, then we are indeed talking the same thing -- the long, lovely green stems. Love 'em! Last night's dinner sounds delicious . . .
  2. Oh, I adore green garlic, which is plentiful in our local farmers' markets right now. What pixelchef said, and more. I often use green garlic as a "substitute" ingredient in recipes calling for leeks. Edit to add: Are we talking the same thing? Garlic greens and green garlic?? Now I'm confused . . .
  3. Yes. The last time I made poblano rajas, they were so tasteless I ended up jettisoning most of them.
  4. Oh, yes! Sprouts!! Radish Clover Onion Buckwheat Pea shoots
  5. A-ha! Okay, okay!! So I'm rethinking the topic . . .
  6. Hmmmmm. The more posts I read on this thread, the more I feel the need to rethink the topic a bit. I still assert that I will never meet a "sweet" chicken salad I'd like, however, I readily admit to finding great pleasure in the classic cheese/fruit combination -- especially with the addition of a cured meat. Of late, I've been stuffing Black Mission figs with Fourme d'Ambert and then wrapping the whole with prosciutto. Quite something, that.
  7. Cranberry sauce and turkey is an exception for me, and I'm not sure why. That said, I can't stand the overly-sweet cranberry sauce many folks seem to prefer; I make a tasty agrodolce version during the holidays that's got the right sweet/tart balance.
  8. Welcome to eGullet, KNorthrup. Unlike you, I love both apricot and licorice -- but trying to "visualize" that taste combination is giving me a headache!!
  9. Thanks, C/W! Let us know once its been added.
  10. Would you consider adding your recipe to the archive, C/W?? Sounds mighty tasty . . . No one should ever be allowed to pair the egregious mint jelly with lamb. No one. Edit to add: I also loathe any chicken salad containing grapes, etc.; I go for savory each and every time.
  11. Absolutely! It's more than okay -- you won't stick to your eating plan otherwise, Varmint. An occasional lapse never hurt anyone; self-control run amok is another thing altogether.
  12. No less an esteemed personage than Jean Andrews, "The Pepper Lady," sez the old tale (whether told by wife or husband!) is true, SWoodyWhite. Think of Indian cuisine and the wonderful yogurt/onion/cucumber condiment (I'm blanking on the name for it) that accompanies spicy curries and such. Anna N., the more one handles fresh hot peppers, the more capsaicin-resistent one's hands become. I don't wear rubber gloves at all anymore, except when I work with Scotch bonnets or habeneros. Just don't touch your face or eyes without thoroughly washing your hands!! I learned the hard way . . .
  13. During a recent hormonal surge, I had a dream about bags of potato chips, stashed all over the house in the most unlikely places: the recycle bin, under my computer desk, behind the mops in the broom closet, in Socrates' tool box -- and yes, up in a light fixture a la Ray Milland's bottle of booze in "Lost Weekend"! What was especially disconcerting was that I had no memory of hiding the darn things in the first place, and could only surmise I'd done so in a raging hormone-induced blackout . . .
  14. Thanks to yesterday's farmers' market foray, we have the following (all purchased from local growers): Cherries Strawberries Meyer lemons Limes Apricots Dried Black Mission figs Bahri dates
  15. Xanthippe

    TDG: Bone Soup

    Bring it on! I'm sure everybody would also love, at some point, to hear about your experiences starting and managing various farmers markets . . . I'll look forward to the soy essay, Nina, as well as your insights w.r.t. farmers' markets. I've just returned from one of our local venues laden with the bounty of this fertile area; if anything, I probably overbought, as I'm like a kid in a candy store when at the market! Thanks for your time.
  16. Xanthippe

    TDG: Bone Soup

    Thats a great idea, but I think we should let her settle into her new job first! Oh, indeed! She'll have her hands full running the Greenmarket enterprise, I've no doubt.
  17. Xanthippe

    TDG: Bone Soup

    Never mind that some of us (*cough*) are lactose intolerant and therefore can't exactly consume milk and/or dairy products on a regular basis. I do agree however on the margarine. Soba Soba, I'm lactose-intolerant as well; that said, I indulge myself fairly often -- always making sure to have Lactaid Ultra close at hand. Have you tried any of the other "milk" available? I've become a huge fan of almond milk, which I prefer over soy and rice milk hands down. Give it a try . . .
  18. Xanthippe

    Raw Sauce

    Could you add it to the recipe archive, please? I just yesterday bought a bunch of juicy limes, and I always have serranos on hand -- so I've got the sauce waiting to happen! Thanks . . .
  19. It's a classic Scottish fruitcake, first concocted in the city of Dundee I would guess. The top is traditionally covered with blanched whole almonds. The mention of it evokes fond memories of the year I spent at a university in Scotland.
  20. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    Did you cut the ends of them this time, or leave the spuds whole?
  21. Xanthippe

    TDG: Bone Soup

    Yes, yes, yes!! I refuse to go near 'em. I believe St. Mario sez they're the most useless cut of meat on the planet (paraphrasing, of course). As to Nina Planck, she's my kinda woman; not only is she a farmers' market maven, her next book will extol the virtues of beef, butter, and cream -- while dissing margerine and soy milk. I'd love to have her do a Q&A at some point.
  22. Xanthippe


    Trying to have a vicarious experience here and failing miserably. Damn! SIGH . . .
  23. Xanthippe


    Made this meatloaf tonight and it was very, very good. Moist, tasty and there's lots left for sandwiches. Anna N That does it! Goodbye to tomorrow night's dinner plan, hello to meatloaf!! Now I just have to decide whether to make the CI version or Jin's, both of which sound quite delicious.
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